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weird spot 2/3/5 at matrix

game: 2/3/5 600 cap matrix around midnight
Hero: $1500eff good image, mainly tag, but has been 3betting frequently
V1: $475eff new player middle aged latin guy just sat down
V2: $3200 young indian guy very aggro preflop, passive post, seems to be a good winning player

Utg:limp V1Utg1:limp V2btn:raises to $25 sb:call HeroBB: K 9 3bet to $145
V1Utg1:calls V2btn:calls

($465)flop J 10 4
Question: whats the best line here? Ive never encountered this spot where the 2 limper cold calls a huge 3bet.
Well I check and V1 bets $100, btn folds. Should I fold here, raise all in? I just call.

I check, V1 goes allin for $230, I obviously call. river 3 I turn my hand over and he mucks. I just wanna know if my line was optimal.


  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 161Subscriber
    This is certainly an unusual spot @Makromento916!

    I suppose you never found out what the UTG2 limper had? I am super curious!

    AP, I would be slamming the breaks on the flop. I might look to continue depending on the action after I check. You say that V2 is quite passive postflop so if he bets we can let it go, particularly with V1 still in the mix.

    Once the short stack bets and V2 folds, you can continue with a call to this small sizing, getting better than 5 to 1. I don't think a c/r is going to work because Villain's line to this point is indicative of strength. After this $100 flop bet he has already invested more than half his stack so he's not folding now.

    On the turn you have an easy call obviously.

    So I actually like the way you played this hand postflop. I would only question your decision to take a hand as weak as Kc9c for a squeeze pre-flop. Yeah, I get that it has a blocker and somewhat good playability, but even so. I was making moves with hands like this too until recently. I have reined it in lately, going more linear and my bankroll is better off for it. I like your spirit though! Also you probably don't need to raise as large. Maybe $80 would serve better?

  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    3betting a winning player with K9s from the BB seems way too wide to me. After that, calling small cbet on flop and shove on turn seem reasonable given your equity. If V1 bet more on the flop I’d fold. V1’s play looks like he was slow playing a big pair.
    Thanked by 1Steveo76
  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 294Subscriber
    edited November 2019
    Fold preflop. You only need to defend the big blind if you're heads up. With another caller in front we can safely fold or call. I'd prefer more people in the hand to call with K9s in the BB.

    And if you're heads up, call, don't 3! this hand.
  • ChaseChase Posts: 182Subscriber
    edited December 2019
    Preflop, perhaps you were thinking your hand is pretty good favorite vs V2's and the limpers' ranges, but this is not a situation I would often 3b! K9s. I would almost always 3b! KJs here, so the occasional K9s seems fine, and I like your sizing.

    Cbetting 220-235 has a lot of merit. Your hand is a good candidate to cbet "bluff" because it has robust equity but no showdown value. A bet of 235 puts a lot of pressure on V1 (and he doesnt have enough behind to be able to blow you off your equity by jamming), and more preasure on V2 when facing your cbet and a jam from V1. If only V2 calls your cbet, then you can barrel on turns that give you additional equity, and possibly fire three streets.
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