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1/2 Flopped set, rivered FH

cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
edited November 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
V in this hand is a very LAG reg. We've tangled in a few hands where he has forced me off medium strength hands with fairly large bets on turn and river.
There is a UTG player in this hand with a $65 stack, but for all purposes, Hero has effective stack of $570 in the hand.

Hero, LJ 9 9

Preflop: UTG all-in for $65. H call, BTN (main V) and SB call.

Flop ($262) 9 J 6 :s:
SB chk, H $55, BTN call, SB fold

Turn ($263 main, $110 side) 7
H $100, snap call

River ($263 main, $310 side) 6
Hero ?

Curious as to thoughts on the line, and post-flop sizing. I'm never quite sure what is correct for initiating betting into the side pot. Looking back on it, I think I could have gone a bit larger on flop to maybe $70.
Turn I think was OK as I was trying to bet large to fold out the potential flush or straight draw. I could see this particular V in there with a hand like T8 or QT.
If we're giving V some combos of T8, what's your play on the river to get max value?
Given this particular Villain and our history, I ended up checking to hopefully induce a bluff from a busted draw, or a value bet from the straight if that is what V happened to show up with.

V ended up betting $200.
I called and V showed A Q

UTG mucked and I scooped.

Looking back I think against this particular type of Villain, the check on the river has a lot of value, but I could also see betting the same $100 as the turn and possibly inducing the same type of bluff. Thoughts on that line? We're only losing to JJ or 66 on the river, so I would be calling any raise on the river.


  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 161Subscriber
    Hey @crux!

    I haven't opened the spoiler yet. Here's my take so far.

    Pre flop I would lean towards a fold. True, you are likely ahead of the short stack UTG player but you have to be wary of the LAG waiting behind you on the button. By calling you are setting yourself up for another tricky post-flop scenario if he calls, where he has position on you.

    AP, I like a bigger bet on the flop. You have a strong hand but there are a number of turn cards that can hurt you. Also you are up against the holdings of two villains, at least one of which is likely looking to continue on this flop. So I'd bet in the region of $150 on the flop, setting up a shove on a non heart turn.

    So I'd already be all-in before the river, but as you've played it, I'd say that's your move. You might even get looked up by a hand as weak as AJ. I think he would have raised 10 8 on the turn, so i don't think he's got that, although I've been encountering a fair bit of slow-play lately so it wouldn't shock me.

    As for dry side side pot dynamics I'm only looking to build one if i feel I've got a hand that is 1) likely ahead of the all-in player and 2) needs protecting / can get value from hands in the side pot with me. Otherwise I'm checking it down.
    Thanked by 1crux
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    I think @Steveo76 makes a good point about flatting pre. I would expect a LAG to raise and put pressure on us a fair bit here. I think I would still make the call tho.

    I agree go bigger otf. It's a dry side pot, but if he has already invested 65, he will call pretty wide. Plus it will set us up to be able to gii ott.

    AP - turn bet good.

    AP - OTR, I'd prob dowbet to 100. We may miss some value with his strong Jx holdings, but I want leave some room for a LAG to maybe spazz with some of his missed draws.
    Thanked by 2Steveo76 crux
  • cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
    Thanks for the feedback.

    My thought pre was that the short stack shove for 30+BB was a splashy older guy that I think was shoving with basically any suited hand or broadway cards. It was a couple months back, but as I remember (and evidenced by the stack) he had been beaten up pretty bad and was fairly tilted and was ready to go home. Also, while I didn't note V's stack size, I don't think he had me covered by that much, and while he was LAG he wasn't a maniac that was going to over-shove pre.
    I agree that there was some risk flatting from the field, and stacks aren't exactly right for set-mining, but I felt I could make the call and get away if someone raised to like $200+ behind, or still get a good chance to gain chips if it went to flop. 99 was definitely bottom of my range here, though.
    Honestly, with the preflop action I was more concerned about the SB and his range than I was the BTN. I was glad to see him fold the flop.
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