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Best action when you have the board crushed OTF

This is a small stakes tourney. 2nd level, not ante yet. Both Vs are unknown.

H (67BB) UTG has A A opens to 3BB. V1 (40BB) calls from CO, V2 (77BB) call from the BB.

Flop (9.5BB): A :s: 7 3

At the time I checked. After talking to a friend I now feel this is out of balance and I should be betting my entire open range for 3BB in this exact spot. If the board was more connected or suited I would bet larger as there would be more hands that could continue. Thoughts on this?


  • cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
    A good point was made to me in a cash game thread that when you are thinking of slow playing, just bet small, and I think that applies well in a spot like this in tournament play, also. Obviously it isn't very likely that one of the Vs is holding an ace, but they could, or holding a seven or a pair between 88-JJ that wouldn't necessarily 3bet pre, and would call a small bet on this board. A hand like 56 or 45 could also show up in the BB and pay small for one more card to catch their gutter.
    I think betting as small as 1.5BB up to maybe 4BB would extract a little more value and allow you to put more pressure on the turn and river if it goes that far. The only real scare cards would be the ones that make those low straights, or maybe backdoor flush.
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