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KK facing 5 bet with some Meta game.

The villain who opn to $15 is this hand is same villain who 5 bet when I had KK.

This hand happened about an hour before.

3 limps co $15 but cls H in sb raise $90 Ts9s bb cls co cls 3ways. bb has $380 behind co has $730 behind Pot: $280 flop 9h8h6c we all ck. Turn Qh we all ck riv Qd bb $150 co flds H cls. bb shows AK

Hour or so later.

Utg 1 lmp mp $20 H hj, $70 KdKh co $225 mp $400,

co $175 back mp $325 back.

H ????


  • FriendlyFishFriendlyFish Posts: 123Member
    Sick spot. Dunno if I can fold KK in game but this looks like AA from the MP player. Puke fold or puke jam? I don’t mind either play but leaning towards a puke fold. Cold 5B more than 50% of stack leaving $325 behind screams AA. Probably a fold but if u went broke don’t beat yourself over it. Next time have aa when facing 5B please!
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    Where you gonna go? Seems like clear shove to me. Someone may have AA but that’s by no means the only hand that 4bets from the co. AKs is a possibility for sure, no? QQ too?
  • ThepokerproneurThepokerproneur Posts: 106Subscriber
    Facing a 4 bet only I think I go with it. Facing a 5 bet I ended up folding. CO had QQ the other Villain had AK & hit an A on the river.
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