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KassPav Poker Vlog

kasspavkasspav Posts: 15Subscriber
edited November 2019 in Poker Goals and Challenges
Hey guys,
I just wanted to post about my new vlog, that Bart mention on his podcast. It would be great help if you could subscribe and interact! You can find the channel here
Be lenient, I'm learning the whole process of speaking to a camera, editing etc, but I think the poker content that can generate discussion will be plenty.

I will have episodes on my few live poker tournaments, and post also content from online.

I wasn't sure which category to post this, but making a vlog is a challenge itself...the real challenge is a goal inspired by Rob Farha, to participate this year at the WSOP ME...so far Im on track but still long way to go...
Thank you in advance!
Pavlos "kasspav" Kasselouris
PS:you can also find me on my Facebook page
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