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$2/$5 Aces

Villain just arrived at the table 3 orbits ago. Obvious rec. Limps a lot. Quite common scenario at this table is 1 limp, someone raises to $25, 3-4 callers, with stacks between $400 and $1.2k.

2 limps. Villain calls mp2 (~$580). Hero raises to $35 otb with A A. Utg calls. Fold. VIllain calls.

$110. 4 4 3. Utg checks. Villain donks $30. Hero raises to $110. Utg folds. Villain calls.

$330. T. Villain checks. Hero bets $200. Villain calls.

$730. 2. Villain checks. Hero puts Villain all-in $240. Villain tanks...

How's my sizing? Good moving in on the river?


  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    You got him to stick all or almost all the money in, can't see what's wrong with that....

    (in b4 V shows up with 74ss and was worried about the flush)
    Thanked by 1Piggy
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    I def like the raise otf. I can see a rec leading here with a ton of weaker over pairs and draws so raising for value and to iso makes sense.

    10h is not the best card for us. A bet could blow him off his weaker pps and the hearts get there. We have a great blocker tho with Ah and a rec may still call with 66-99. I’d barrel. Sizing seems right.

    Maybe I’m being too nitty, but I don’t think I like the shove. I doubt V would call here with his weak pps at this point and it looks like all the draws got there. I think I like checking it back.
    Thanked by 1ds2uared
  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    @kaboojie, that's what crossed my mind.

    What does he have he calls with here that I beat? The only thing I could think is that I made it such a good price for him by the river he calls with 66 or 88. If he has JJ or QQ with a heart, he's never folding. But mostly his hand is middle pairs, random 4's, and heart flushes. Flushes and 4's call, middle pairs don't.

    ...is what I thought well after the fact.
  • fishcakefishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
    This is a really hard hand for me to analyze without being at the table. But I will say in general that villain is not going to have a worse calling hand for 3 streets on this board as a limp caller hardly ever. I'd need to know many tendencies. This is very much a live poker hand.

    I'd say checking back the turn is actually fine. We aren't scared of any river besides occasional non heart 2 or 7 but 65 probably isn't even calling a sizable turn bet on a heart turn. Additionally, many small pairs will likely release turn without a heart.

    You can just value bet the river if he checks tiny if you check back the turn.

    I know some people will be like OMG LOL NiT but if you look at the average limp range its going to contain many more flushes, 4x and small pairs than any value hand that can call us.

  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    I agree with @fishcake on this one. I don’t think you can get three streets of value vs V with worse in this runout. You have position. I like checking turn and betting blank rivers if checked to you.
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