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1/3/6-straddle, same V two quick hands

Hand A:
Friday afternoon MGM National Harbor
⅓ 6 straddle on this hand (not common), $500 effective,
Hero SB J T

Villain is younger Asian guy (maybe 30yo, YouTube hat, hoddie) sat down with 500 (the max, he sat with a dirty stack of 100 in red and 4 blacks like he is trying to shoot an angle or something?) and this is his first hand dealt in.
V open limps mp1, two weak tight recs limp CO (300) and BTN (70),
H 50, Villain limp-calls, and the btn rec calls leaving himself only 20 behind,
Flop (155): A 4 K
H 75, V calls pretty quickly, btn calls all in for 20,
Turn (Main pot=215, side=110): A 4 K
H ?

Hand B:
Hero LJ A Q :s:
Same V is now the straddle (600 effective),
An inexperienced rec guy limp EP (200),
H 26, V and limper call,
(75) A 9 7
H 35--limper folds out of turn--V check-raise 85 total, H call,
Turn (245) A 9 7 5
V 165, H ?

Your feedback is much appreciated, thanks!


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
    #1 Why are you raising? you have a shorty in the hand. As played your. done. Very likely he has an Ace at this point and isn't folding. You have to bet him and the shorty. He isn't folding an ace or FD.

    #2 You're probably dead to a set or 2 pair. He could have a hand like A x but at 1/3 they generally aren't XRing, then betting $165 without habing a real hand. When you add all the equities of a giant draw and a strong hand you are pretty much behind in a low stakes game. He has been shown to be passive so generally he isn't making any moves.
  • ChaseSpellChaseSpell Posts: 183Subscriber
    edited October 2019
    Hand A I raised pre because I was expecting to win immediate at a sufficient frequency to make raising max EV, and also JTs has robust equity. In other words, I was thinking that raising to 50 would do a great of both making the bigger in case I win and denying my opponents an opportunity to realize their equity.

    I later found out V is a (likely winning) reg. Would that change anything for you with each hand?

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