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2/5 3bet pot facing turn raise w/TPTK

Curious what the default play should be here. I've been trying to fold against turn and river raises because they so rarely seem to be bluffs.

New to the table, no reads, first orbit. $500 effective stacks.

CO raises to $17
(H) SB raises to $64 with AhQh
CO calls

Flop ($127) 6sQc7s

(H) SB bets $75
CO Calls

Turn ($269) 2s

(H) SB bets $135
CO raises all in to $368
Hero ???
Thanked by 1Baggio95


  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    Without any reads, I think you can fold. The population rarely raises the turn here with a worse hand. Plus the spades came in. It's possible he has Asx, but I think we can bet/fold the turn and not lose any sleep over it.
  • PokerShamanPokerShaman Posts: 107Subscriber
    What @kaboojie said. I am betting that turn without hesitation, and folding without hesitation.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    I don't have much to add to whatever was already said. I think you played it well, and would fold to the turn raise. My only comment is, is this really 2/5? I don't see too many $5 blind games where bet and raise sizes are allowed to be anything but increments of $5 (except possibly for all-ins).
    Thanked by 1CycleV
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