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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 368 "Journey into 5-5 Volume 26 Street Poker in Jacksonville"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,115Administrator, LeadPro
edited October 2019 in Crush Live Poker podcast
This week Bart begins a two part discussion on an epic session he played from a $2-$5 NL game at Jacksonville Best bet. He says the players were years behind west coast opponents and played some interesting spots including a street poker bluff.

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1. 57 in sb. A98 one limp 5 handed checked through. Turn 9 I bet 10 f call. River J. X/x 33 wins.

2. 54os hand 735s Russ open UTG 2 calls I call BB 4s. Checked to IP bets 60 300 back. Could attack but I don’t.

3. 3 limps girl to 40 me to 144 Ad Jd she calls. 800. 246cc I bet 140 she folds.

4. CO limp me AQos 25 limper I didn’t see calls. 87382 I win vs J9.

5. Bad call +1 20 I call LJ Kh Th to 50 CO, UTG calls I call. 763r xxx Kss xx110 call I call. River 8.. KQ vs KQ mistake.

6. One limp girl to 25 I just flat Kc Tc partial BB cals call. 845hh she bets 50 limper calls.

7. Qs 4h open 20 sb calls. Russ BB flop is AK3hh x15 call. Turn 7 xx river Q. Xx 23ss !!

8. I open HJ 20 CO calls sb all-in 35 I raise 150 controversy KJos and I lose to K9cc

9. One linp me to 25 button 33 sb calls limper folds. 952 x 20 call. Turn 4 x/x river 6. He bets 65 me to 140!! Tanks just call normal 78.

10. I open AT UTG MP1 calls LJ calls. Flop is AKKdd checked to co Asian 45 I call fold. Turn K x/c river 3. X 40 cal KJ

11. over linp 89os 5 ways. AJThh checked to me 25 bad guy calls girl calls. 75. 3dd xxxx. River 7hhh x girl 25 I just flat. She has Kh 2h.

12. A5dd open 20 5 calls. AT4ss. X I bet 60 old man BB calls. 3ss x/x 7sss he bets I fold

14. Qd Jd hand so stupid. I open 20 UTG 1 call call. BB to 60 I think of 4! Call call call. 240. 875dd he bets 200 I call shorty all in fold. Turn Jc. He bets 200 I call. River 8. I have 300 back

15. QJss hand. Limp me to +1 calls new guy 105 Fold I call fold. 215. Jc 2h 3d. X/ 135 I call. Turn Qdd. X/x. River Th. X/75 455 I jam 560 he snaps I’m good.

16. I open TT bad guy calls. QJ3r. I check fold to 50.

17. Hand w Ts 8s bluff 652QKddd $10 to $40 call. Leads 20 I call, leads 35 me to 120 he was 300 back he calls. Check call-in fold.
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