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Is pocket 10’s a shove here

KmurphyKmurphy Posts: 27Subscriber
Blinds 300/600/600 BB ante.

Hero (17,500) UTG 10♣️10♠️ raises to 2K. A little big but it’s a call happy table. 3 callers and the button raises to 10K. Folds to me.

Is this a hand I should shove with? I can’t call and leave 7,500 behind, or I don’t think so. Is this to weak to fold? It seems that I get in these marginal situations in tournaments.

What is the best play?

I appreciate all feedback.


  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 200Subscriber
    I would want to know a bit more to really analyze this situation. What is your image at the table? What is the image and chip stacks of the other 4 players in the hand? A “call happy table” is certainly good info. The best play based on what I know would be for you to jam here preflop. your utg preflop sizing would puzzle me. 3.33 BB? It might be that players at your table are interested in playing hands with you based on the unusual 3.33BB sizing and 3 flat calls. BU raises to 10K? Well, why not raise here to 10k in position if you are the BU. At the time of his raise to 10K there is already 7500 in the pot and three flat callers have told him their hands are not very strong. Your 3.33 raise sometimes indicates a mid range pair. And if you do jam your stack at the BU all the dead money in the pot will help him out if he is behind. Maybe not how you planned the hand but you start the hand with only 29 BB and now you have a chance to go from 29 to (29+29+2.5+3.33+3.33+3.33=70.5) 70.5 against a weak ass steal attempt from the BU sitting on a nice pair of TT.
    Thanked by 2Kmurphy crux
  • cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
    justfourfun makes really good points all the way around, and it is hard to say without more info on the table dynamics, player types, etc. Do you recall how big the BU stack was? Regardless, if he had JJ+, I think he'd shove all day with all the dead money out there.

    I do think your initial raise is a little large, and adds to the awkwardness here. If you had made a more standard raise of 1400-1600, BU probably raises to something like 6-8k, making a call easier, as you'd be left with ~15BB+

    I think for me, as played, with 3 callers in the field and the BU raise, I'm probably shoving. You're pretty early in the tournament, I assume based off the blinds, and it's reasonable to assume that a couple broadway cards and/or aces are accounted for in the field callers and the BU. I think it's possible you have the best hand at this moment, and this is a chance to really up your stack.

    If it were later and ICM became more of a factor, with relative BB counts being the same... tough, but would consider laying it down.

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