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$2/$5 SB Whatever Holding

Stacks range from $400 to $900. Hero covers.

4 calls. Hero in SB 6 :s: 9 :s: completes. BB checks. 6 ways.

$25. Flop 8 7 3. Hero leads $15. BB ($300) and Mp2 ($400) call. CO ($900) raises to $35. Hero calls. BB calls.

$128. Turn 5. Hero???

Thoughts on flop lead? Flop call? What to do on turn?


  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Postfolp I can be a station, but pre I'm quite the nit. I fold without hesitation.

    Flop, we gotta get through more than half the table, not crazy about the lead. Against 1-2 fit or fold types for sure fire away.

    As played, with that ridonkulous flop clickback, nobody has a real hand so I'd expect this to check through all day long. Can't let that happen, so here I am all for leading out. While I could say $60 in a vacuum, basically it's time to look around and figure out who will pay what with their fd.
    Thanked by 2Alias1994 Fetterfool
  • Alias1994Alias1994 Posts: 7Subscriber
    On flop I would rather x/c or x/r compared to leading, his super small reraise on flop is suspect with it going 15,c,c... on the turn you can lead or depending on your read go for a c/r. This is how I would process the hand but I am still studying and have a lot to learn!
  • HalvorKSHalvorKS Posts: 3Subscriber
    So MP2 called/folded the flop right, and you're first to act 3-way with the nuts on a draw heavy board?
    Please lead out. You can't risk letting it check through and a diamond killing your action (they don't even have to have a flush for this to fill you action).
    You might even get lucky and CO will raise again with a combo draw or a set.
    I think that's the only ready question - lead small to induce a raise (make it look like a weak blocking bet) say $30, or bet $75 for value knowing they never fold draws
  • Steveo76Steveo76 Posts: 161Subscriber
    I am from the school of @CycleV with this hand pre-flop. I have trained myself to almost always fold hands like this in the SB, but throwing in the occasional raise with them after a load of limps. This play looks so strong after your opponents have seen you not completing from the SB so often. And i hoover up dead money so often, easily recouping all the small blinds I have surrendered and some.

    On the flop I prefer a c/r, being wary that 1/4 of my outs are potentially dirty. As played, when we lead out, get two calls and then such a weak looking raise from the CO, how about sticking in another raise? A big one. I feel that you would have heard from anyone with a strong hand. And the CO's small raise doesn't qualify. Maybe the purpose of his raise is so the turn checks through? Deny him and throw down the hammer!

    The other issue with the flop call of CO's raise is it caps our range and we are somewhat easier to push around on later streets. We are allowing the CO to dictate and use the power of position.

    On the turn I agree with others above that we need to lead while there is still value to be had. We can't risk the turn being checked through.

  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Preflop is marginal. If the bigger stacks will spew off hard then it is probably okay. But calling from the SB here is probably not a winning play.

    Not a fan of the flop lead at all. You have 9-high, so should be looking for fold equity, not value. Since you can have all of the nutted hands on this flop, you can checkraise quite liberally.

    I actually disagree with the previous posters. I don't expect this specific card to get checked through all that often to that small raise sizing (barring some sort of info on your read COs flop raising range). So I'm comfortable going for the check/raise for value. I'm much more likely to lead if top pair changed.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    Pre-flop: 96s is right on the cusp to complete in SB in a $2/$5. I don't hate a complete, nor do I hate a fold. It's as close as if there is a $3 SB it's an easy $2 complete or 97s and it's also an easy complete.

    Flop: I don't hate mixing up a lead or x/call with 96, but maybe prefer to lead one that has a in it for barreling opportunities. On flop, I might put in a 3-bet to that really weakish raise. Some reads of opponents would help here.

    Turn: I'd lead rather than risk 6 or draws to draw for free, say $80. It's also your best bet to get two streets of value from an 8. If you x-raise, you'll probably blow everyone away except for a combo draw.
  • FetterfoolFetterfool Posts: 19Subscriber
    I don't usually post to just echo what's already been said, but I've been working a lot on tightening up pre lately. 69 is just a fold here all day. As played lead turn 75ish.
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