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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 367 "Journey into 5-5 Volume 25 Postle Part "

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,113Administrator, LeadPro
This week Bart talks new information on the Postle drama, introduces a CLP range app and then goes over a weekend session from a Saturday 2-5NL table at Caesars.


Here is the link to Fast Track CLP app the app: https://3371563.igen.app/

1. QJos 20 to 50 call AKJ xx 5 xx 2 x 35 fold.

2. Open AS Qh UTG + 2 S4 calls. 72h3h6T xxxx I win vs KQ.

3. Ks 8h BB UTG black guy limps old man completes sb. Flop AK3hh x/x/x 6cc sb 15 call call. River 9hhh 45 fold fold.

4. S1 limps me 25 sb Farman calls S1 calls 75 Tc 8c. Qc Jd 5c x/x 45 sb has 500 fold old man 1k fold.

5. I open 25 +1 89ss over S1 linp CO calls Asher calls button. JJ2ss checked through. Turn 7dd x me 60 fold to 140 S1 calls I call. River 9d. X/x/x. J6cc sb wins and checked the turn button couldn’t beat it wtf??

6. I Asian pro S1 to 20 I call button HU. Flop 8c 7h 3s. 25 I call. 3cc 65 I call. Qccc 265 I call. He has 59ss !!!

7. Open 33 UTG same pro calls sb. 865cc x/x As x/x Q x/x lose to KQ.

8. Defend 75hh 20 open from 300 stack Fatman T22r x/25 fold.

9. New table button 20 old man 50 sb I call 99 call. T93dd.. 75 me 200 fold call. 3ddd x 300 fold.

10. Raise UTG CO girl button old man call I fold ATos!!

11 girl raises LJ 8 handed I call Qs 9s in CO 15. Kc Js 3h. X/ 25 call. Turn 5d. X/75 call. River 7d. X/x lose to Jh Th

12. I call girls raise 44. After old man Co button I’m in BB. AQ5xxx. 2 xxx. 4 I bet 25 all fold.

13. Steal 97os on button bought button so 7 dead.

14. Open 98cc +1 20 +2 calls. AK4 did i check fold. Consideration for hands.

15. K2 in BB. Flop K85 one linp I bet 10 all fold.

16. Loose open 64cc vs button straddle call TT7 bet 30 call. Turn 3ss bet 75 call. River Qsss x/150 food what the fuck?

17. I’m in BB with 66 same guy from the cold call LJ 20 sb 80 I fold call. Ac Qd 6c. Bet call. Qh x/x 3s. Bet 150 call Qc 9c vs AJos.

18. I flat on button KJ vs CO open TT8 xx. Turn 5 xx 9 lose to Ad 2d

19. Open JTos 20 2 calls girl 3! To 120 I fold all fold.

20. Open 78ss +1 to 65 CO idiot calls I calll. AT4cc x/x/x turn 5. Xxx. River K what if 6 sizing into 200?
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