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2/5 SB vs Tilted Button Straddle

BigStoutsDitkaBigStoutsDitka Posts: 5Subscriber
edited October 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero has folded the first orbit and player to my right is tilted and complaining how he just “folded a boat” (had T3 pre and folded to a raise).
Table is very passive and like to limp call up to $25
Villain $275 and Hero covers $550 only CO covers hero.
$2/$5 blinds $10 straddle on the button. Hero in SB with KdQd and facing button straddle. Hero calls, BB, MP2 (OMC), HJ(Drooler and likes to call), CO (decent reg) all call.
Button raises to $75
Hero 3 bets to $185
Folds to Villain on button and he thinks and ships.
Heron calls.

My thought was villain will raise anything if all players limp. I decided K9 or better I’d make this play vs this spot.

Is this profitable? What should my range be here?


  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Welcome to the site, and let's start with the basics:

    What are the blinds? I'll assume 2/5 w $10 btn straddle. Please post that!

    Not sure what the tilty guy has to do with it, if he's on your left he's in BB. But it's the guy on your right who raised.

    Second, if you have 55 big blinds (accounting for the straddle), and you cover all but one V out of the 5 in this hand, this table is seriously shortstacked. That means it's harder to squeeze, as one or more V's are liable to say yolo and ship with all kinds of hands, very few of which you are actually ahead of. In theory it helps if the btn folds and his $75 is dead money, but he made it $75 out of a stack of less than 550. (How much less matters, btw, but you didn't list his stack.) Does it seem to you that you will have much fold equity? Let's say he's got $400. You limp/ship, and he's getting better than 2-1 on his money. He shouldn't fold A5s in that case.

    FWIW your reraise is way too small. I know you're trying to rep aces, but for this move to work with KQ, you need a lot of folds. You need all the fold equity you can get, so you'll have to ship it. Cuz otherwise you run the risk of other people not understanding what you are repping, and that's a good lesson to take from this hand. Don't expect them to think like we do.

    So in theory the limp/rr line has some use in very select spots: you need a nitty image, deeper stacks so you can apply pressure, less callers who may come to life themselves with a shove, and a V with both some understanding of ranges a fold button. If you're bluffing, and basically getting pot-stuck pre with king high is a bluff, it also helps to have an ace to block the hands that can call you in the first place.

    That's a lot to ask for, and going all the way down to K9 is asking for trouble. QQ+, AK, AQs, and A5s/A4s is as far as I would take it...if I was inclined to try this in the first place.
  • BigStoutsDitkaBigStoutsDitka Posts: 5Subscriber
    Thanks CycleV. I screwed up my description. I’ve edited it now.
    Guy to my right in straddle was the tilted guy with $275. I cover everyone at the table except the CO.
  • Alias1994Alias1994 Posts: 7Subscriber
    Personally, I am confused, but I would not 3B this hand. You have to understand that the other players can be taking advantage of the same tilt you are looking to abuse. Also you are just so shallow. I prefer a pair or Ax.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    I think you will do fine without having a limp/reraise range at all. A lot of the better players I talk to don’t have a range for doing this.

    That said, if you feel you can be profitable doing it in your game, I would adopt more of a polarized range for doing against short stacks. KQs is too strong to make up the bottom parts of this range (that would be more of a linear approach that should be used against deeper stacks) For shorts stacks, Id make the range more like KK+, 86s.

    As mentioned, the 3! Is a bit small. I think it should be a sizing that puts V all in.

    Again, I just wouldn’t bother having a limp/reraise range. I’ve been out of the loop for a few months, and I realize trends change, so this could be a new thing, but it’s the first I’ve heard this being a good approach to adopt.
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