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2/5 Really weird hand

lotto33lotto33 Posts: 75Subscriber
edited October 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1k eff stacks
MP raises to 15, mp1 calls (very loose player) , I call CO 7 5 , sb calls (very loose player)

(50) Flop 477 rainbow sb donk bets 35, mp call, mp1 call, I raise to 150, sb folds, mp, mp1 call

(535) Turn J :s: (2 spades on board) hero?


  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 294Subscriber
    I would lean towards a fold preflop. I'm not a fan of suited one-gappers, but I will open them in the CO if it folds to me.

    On the flop I think it's a call with such a weak kicker. SB donking means he's weak and we want to keep him in or he has a 7, and we could be outkicked. I don't know how much value we're getting from raising as it should fold out his weaker holdings. Of course, if the V doesn't like to fold then we can raise.

    As played, I think I'd check turn and evaluate the river. Sucks if he has 65, but that may be the only hand we can get value from as he may fold 88-TT to a turn bet with the J on the turn.
    Thanked by 2CycleV Steveo76
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    edited October 2019
    I think this hand illustrates the evolution between poker now vs. poker a decade ago. Before we would raise flop and pumpfist get it in expecting overpair(s) and OESD to call down. Now I would be much more wary when I get called in 2 spots as you are likely outkicked in one spot. Check the turn for pot control.

    I would fold pre, and would consider calling one gappers 97s+ in CO in your spot.
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    OTB you could perhaps call here, but in CO, if the btn is any kind of player, you're possibly lighting money on fire. If it's a game with practically zero 3!, then maybe it's a call (meaning I still don't like it but I'm not too fussed either way). But in my game, there is just way too much aggression pre to make this a profitable call.
    Thanked by 1Steveo76
  • lotto33lotto33 Posts: 75Subscriber
    both villians checked, I checked as well too. River is Q:s: mp bets 300, mp1 calls. I fold. Mp Shows QQ, mp1 says he had 44
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Preflop in the CO this should be a raise over the weak open and dead money, or a fold. If you're not comfortable raising here, then fold.

    On the flop, not sure I'm raising here, especially with a 5 in my hand. You're blocking the one hand you're ahead of with any equity against you (56), and way behind everything else. In a WA/WB spot, typically we're in check/call mode.

    Checking turn is standard once you're called in two spots, and am probably folding river to any bets (especially a bet and a call), but may eke out a thin value bet if checked to.
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    since we have position, I think checking back flop and betting turn if checked to would be more deceptive and more likely to get hands we beat to call multiple streets. If someone else bets the turn, check call.

    Then on the river I would thin bet if checked to, probably call vs a reasonable bet from someone else (mistake?), and fold to a bet and a call.
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