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1/2 PLO Aria preflop — call or 4!?

1/2 PLO Aria
Game is very passive. Lots of limps, few open raises. Lots of short stacks.

Hero ($550) QdJsTh9s open raises MP1 $15

Tight player ($600) calls on button
Moderately tight SB goes all in for $50
Super loose passive (VPIP 100%) ($250) in BB calls



  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    Feels like a call all day. With an all-in player and a speculative rundown, I think you want more $ in pot rather than to isolate. Also there is a risk button could be sandbagging AAxx. In addition, I don't think you are getting BB out of the hand with how little he has.
  • JoneseyJonesey Posts: 151Subscriber
    edited October 2019
    Thanks. We need more comments and hands in this forum. I’ve played with the button player a lot and felt pretty confident he would fold to a re-pot. The BB could go either way, which would leave me in a side pot with a very wide range. My question is whether this single suited smooth to the queen is a good enough hand for the play. I was very on the fence.
  • JoneseyJonesey Posts: 151Subscriber
    I’m back playing full time in Vegas again so I’ll try to find more hands to post.
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