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2/5 sb vs straddle

Playing 2/5 in Naples FL and their house rules allow you to miss the sb and post the $2 on the button. In a game where almost every player button straddles and 100% when I’m in the sb...
Is it more profitable to get felt out the majority of the time in the sb and post and straddle the button?
I saw another player doing this a few times and was thinking it might be.


  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 294Subscriber
    edited October 2019
    Not sure I 100% understand, but I'll say this: you want to play the game everyone else is. If you're skipping the SB everytime to post the Bu people aren't gonna wanna play with you. Just play super tight SB, and don't ever raise, limp every hand you want to play and limp-re-raise the strong hands.
  • BigStoutsDitkaBigStoutsDitka Posts: 5Subscriber
    Thanks. I wasn’t saying I’d always do it. More of my question came up from seeing a player (probably the only non drooler) at the table doing it. I was wondering if it was more profitable than playing the sb
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    So you can either:
    Post $2 in SB, Play free (or straddle) button
    Sit out SB, Post $2 (or straddle) button
    Is that right?

    It's probably directly correlated to the quality of competition. If you're at a super soft table, I don't see how it can be profitable to play 1/9 less hands against them, even if posting and OOP...
    Thanked by 1pokertime
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