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$2/$5 3-Way Aces

Both villains are super loose passive preflop. V1 is somewhat passive on the flop. V2 just showed me a $200 turn bet bluff for which I gave him dap. He has called many of my raises preflop, but my gut tells me he was running hot.

Hero ($1,200) raises utg+1 to $20 with A :s: A. V2 (covers) calls in Mp2. CO calls. V1 in Sb calls.

$75. Flop K 7 4. V1 checks. Hero bets $35. V2 calls. CO folds. Sb check-raises to $100. Hero calls. V2 calls.

$375. Turn 3. V1 thinks for a bit and jams for $250. Hero....?

Thoughts on flop flat? Thoughts on turn?
Thanked by 1sobolev


  • sobolevsobolev Posts: 6Subscriber
    edited October 2019
    Given V1 is usually passive on the flop, I figure a check raise is a pretty strong move. Looks like AK, KQ, 77 or 44. He pretty much has to jam if he is going to bet at all on the turn with $375 in the pot and you still have V2 behind you. You have like 61% equity against that range (44 combinations total and behind pretty bad on 14 of them AKd, KQd, any 77 or 44 and you have no redraws to diamonds), Plus V2 is behind you still to act and he could put you all-in and showed some strength by calling on the flop. You are def getting the pot odds to call, but worried about V2 ... I'd probably fold because V1's action just looks too strong to me and I would discount the non-suited AK and all the KQ's plus considering V2. If you had an Ad I might call.

    I forgot you asked about the flop call. With his stack you pretty much have to assume he is jamming on the turn. Might have been better to just reraise him all in at that point and maybe you would have kept V2 out.
  • cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
    On the flop, with V2 behind you I think that a 3! to put V1 all in would be a good move. V1 could have 77 here, but just as likely he has a strong king, maybe KQ/KJ/K10d. I wouldn't give him all the 44, unless you think he is calling with all pairs from the SB. I don't like the flat as it's letting V2 get a good price, and it seems likely that he would be the one in there with a marginal made hand or drawing hand.

    As played, on the turn I'm letting this one go. I just don't see a loose-passive player going check/raise flop, jam turn, as a bluff into two players with this board out there. I mean, maybe with AK with one diamond? In which case, good bet.
    Thanked by 1sobolev
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    I can go either way. I think a fold here is perfectly reasonable against this player type. He can have a set for sure (6 combos), but l-p preflop means he can also have AK (6 combos) and a very unlikely to be played this way KQ. Maybe once in a great while nfd. And even AK he won't always c/r. A call is correct against most players when HU, so I think I'm fine w putting V1 all in otf if that's your choice. Not ecstatic about a call here, I really want to get V2s non-nfd out of the hand.

    As played, sigh-fold.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    First post in a few months so forgive me if I say something silly.

    If you think V has a wide c/r range, I’d consider a 3!/fold approach otf. This will hopefully accomplish 2 things:
    1) betting for value and protection when you ahead
    2)getting rid of one of the callers. When the pot starts building, I’d much rather be heads up.

    That said, your description doesn’t sound like a V who would c/r light so I think a call is reasonable.

    Along with the 8d, the 3d is the worst card in the deck for you. You’re now facing a jam and have a player to act behind when all of the draws got there. Swallow the bit of puke in the back of your throat and fold.
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    #kaboojie, welcome back!

    On the flop I would suggest putting SB’s remaining stack of $250 all in to get heads up and make V1 pay more to hit his probable draw. If he flopped a set so be it and we still have a whopping 2 outs to cooler him.

    Also suggest betting way more on flop 4-way to thin the field. 75% pot.

    Doing these things will help avoid the gross spot you’re faced with on the turn.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,575Subscriber
    Food. Generally players don't show a bluff then bluff again. They show a bluff so they can do this when they have it. He also XRed you and a caller. This is probably a 2p+ hand worried about if you have the flush and realized you have AK.
  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    edited October 2019
    Hero called. V2 shoved. Hero insta-mucked. V1 showed KK. Yeah...KK. And V2 showed A 9. Ran it twice and chopped my money. Hero felt confusion. But it resolved within minutes, so no worries.
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