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$2/$5 Villain of the Day #4

Same villain as http://www.crushlivepoker.com/forums/discussion/15321/2-5-villain-of-the-day-3#latest
Hero just won $400 from the bb with 43o (free flop). Villain is still limping and raising but keeps showing up with random garbage he's winning with. He's got a head on his shoulders it seems now but obviously is leaking a shit ton of money on the regular.

$595 eff.
V limps mp2. Co calls. Hero OTB raises to $30 A :s: 8 :s:. Sb calls. V calls.

$88. Flop 6 :s: 5 :s: 4. Check. V checks. Hero bets $40. Fold. V check-raises to $80. Hero calls.

$248. Turn 3. V bets $145. Hero calls.

$538. River Q. Villain moves all-in for ~$350. Hero folds.
V shows 2 3.


  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    If this guy needs someone to sponsor him to move to Canada, I'm up for it
  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    edited October 2019
    I was getting impatient as he would build his stack, then spew, then build, then spew. I think it made me spew a bit. Thoughts on turn call, @CycleV ?
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    edited October 2019
    Re: The turn decision--You have 26% equity with 12 outs (9 spades and 3 non-spade 7). The math on this is winners divided by total unknown cards (12/46).

    Without implied odds into consideration you need that much equity to continue. The pot odds equity math is the amount you are asked to call divided by the pot plus his bet plus the amount you are asked to call: 145/(248+145+145). You need 27% equity.

    Strictly speaking you are just short of the turn equity. However, with implied odds you will probably make that 1% up if you hit on the river, so it's a clear call here.
    Thanked by 3ds2uared CycleV sobolev
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