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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 366 "Postle; Journey Into 5-5 Volume 24"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,111Administrator, LeadPro
edited October 2019 in Crush Live Poker podcast
This week bart discusses the Stones Postle situation and breaks down another quick session from the Hustler Casino's 5-5 game in LA.



  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,111Administrator, LeadPro
    1. 1 UTG limp me 20 QJos fold.

    2. Defend Ac 8c S4 opens 20 CO sb calls I call K74dd xxxx. 2 sb bets all fold.

    3. A4dd. Open UTG +1 calls..CO calls fish. Ah 4c Jc I bet 35 +1 to 115 me to 330 he has 600 total and tank folds what he said was a3cc.

    4. Call sb 45cc Asian S5 2 calls, I call. AT2c. C/35 fish calls I call no craise. Turn Ah. X 150 fold fold.

    5. I call button 20 75dd S6 idiot to 120 off 300 QQ vs TT J68d. Would have lost some J Q.

    6. Fish limps me 98ss 25 button same dude w A3 calls idiot 130 500 stack fold he shoes QQ

    7. Open 22dh LJ 20 sb calls. ATQcc check me 20, he calls. Sizing!! Turn Ad x/x river Kh x/x K9 lose

    8. I call idiot raise 89ss over call in BB. Flop T75r. X/20 fish calls me to 90 he ships. 350 more. Interesting math with backdoor 600 350

    9. Straddle fish limps me to 40 55 he calls. 764 x 35 call. Turn Ass x/x river 9 lose to 88.

    10. AA hand S5 20 call me to 90 4! 280 I call. Flop is 982ddh check 180 ship for 660 he folds quickly.

    11. New table Asian in 5 20 old man calls me to 105 AQss call call. 315, 9d 6s 2s x130 call fold. 575. 7dd x/x 9c c/c lose to QQ

    12. Open AKos UTG to 30 straddle old ma. Calls. 593 x:c. Qc he bets 10 I call River 3 x/x loses to 22.

    13. Open KQos button 20 sb euro bb calls. Flop is K67r. X 25 call fold. 110 2dd x/ 75 call. Qs x230 tank fold.

    14. Asian reg limps my straddle. I raise 35 A4os he calls. T53 x I bet 40 he folds.

    15. Ok guy to 15 I have QJos in CO see button call so go to 65, button calls , sb calls BB calls raise calls. 325. A42ss checked to button 225, sb shoves 22 vs AK. How can sb call after flat

    16. Open KThh +2 Asian reg button calls. QT3s x/c Qcc I check check Ac. I check he checked back A5ss

    17. 4 limps raise 30 BB Ah Qd fish calls. a346... I bet 40 he calls. Turn 100 he moves in 350 more I call 57ss.

    $5-5 NL Hustler $300-$1k

    2 limps to Hero in MP1 ($1000) raises to $30 with Js Jh. Sb calls, UTG calls, + 1 calls ($270)

    FLOP: Qh Ts 3h Checked around. POT $120

    TURN: 5s x/x V1 bets $30 Hero calls, f/f. POT $180

    RIVER: Qc. V1 bets $35.. Hero?
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