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$2/$5 Butchered Hand

$800 Max buy-in. V just sat down for $500. Won a pot for $400 last orbit. Seems to be paying attention and uses poker jargon us CLPers use. His mustache is fantastic. Hero has not won a pot in the 1 hour since the table started. Hero doesn't know if he was getting anxious to win one or if this is just a misplay.

Critiques on all streets, please 'n thank you.

$800 eff.
Utg raises to $20 (real strength from this particular player, $140 deep). 2 callers. V 3! to $85 from LJ. Hero in CO A Q takes a second and calls (utg was visibly frustrated and in ready to fold posture). Folds around.

$230. Flop T :s: 8 :s: T. V checks. Hero bets $80. V calls.

$390. 3 V checks. Hero checks.

$390. Q V bets $215. Hero snap calls.


  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 294Subscriber
    I would check back the flop, I know our bluffing range should contain some backdoors, but I'd like there to be a BDFD here too. Also I think we're only pushing him off some AKs, but mostly AJs if he has that in his 3 bet range.

    Turn is an easy give up card.

    River I think call is the right play since he should have some bluffs. He should only have 16 hands that beat you with TT+, so we need 6 bluffs to make this profitable. If he'd do this with AKo with the backdoor spade and a suited AK with a bricked spade draw we have our call. We also don't arrive here with a better hand as any T probably bets turn.
    Thanked by 3Fetterfool crux CycleV
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    AQs is one of most deceptively attractive hands easy to get married to pre-flop. I like you are trying to get a fold tell from UTG (hopefully before you make a decision on your hand and not after as your writing might imply). I’m a nit, and I’m folding pre until I get evidence LJ 3! is light often. Villain 3! a (admittedly short-stacked), but strong UTG open. If played, I’d rather 4! than flat cause his 3! is a bit on the small side, and I don’t want to give the other players who put $20 in already a good price to come in.

    With no on the flop, I’d check this back. If you’re gonna bluff and try to get AK/mid pair off, then really bluff, like $130, don’t down bet to give him a price to continue with his entire range. As played, I think the call is appropriate. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bluff or TT.
    Thanked by 2crux CycleV
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