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$2/$5 Simple Preflop Decision Multiway

ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
edited September 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
V1 has been fairly active but has only been showing down good hands. V2 just arrived to the table but seems pro-ish and his regular preflop folding and sizing selection leads me to believe that.

2 limps. V1 (covers) raises to $40 from HJ. V2 ($800) calls from CO.
Folds to Hero in BB. Physical tells from limpers show they are folding.
Hero ($1.4k) with T :s: 9 :s:...?


  • PokerShamanPokerShaman Posts: 107Subscriber
    It's a great configuration for squeezing, but we do we will be out of position for the rest of the hand in a large pot, and it will be more difficult to realize our fold equity, let alone our equity equity.

    I don't think we have enough of a hand to play well postflop, so I think I just flat here. We are getting a good price to see a flop.
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 184Subscriber
    Without a clear history or hero image that your squeeze will get a lot of folds this is a call. From the SB, I would 3b or fold.

    AQo+ and TT plus is close to 5% of hands and very safe place to start squeezing "light" here. Once you have an idea of their preflop defending and post flop style, adjust your range...generally to a more polar one.
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    I think you have the positions swapped in the OP. I will assume HJ opened and CO called.

    V2 doesn't have a hand or he would have 3! himself. And V1 only showing good hands can work in our favor, in that he may be disciplined enough to lay down a hand like ATo here.

    I won't fault you for not squeezing, but I think it's a good spot. Almost a hunny bucks out there for the taking. But if you think his sizing up pre (and that is a large open, even with 2 limps) signals a strong hand, then I can pass and not lose sleep over it.

    This may sound ridiculous after hearing me say squeeze, but if we aren't raising, I'd rather fold that call. I know I am in a minority around here with my defending range, which is very tight. I simply look for reasons to not play hands OOP, and passively calling a large-ish bet pre ain't why I dragged my butt off the couch to go play poker.
    Thanked by 1ds2uared
  • cruxcrux Posts: 119Subscriber
    edited September 2019
    With the stacks in play, the money already in pot, and against capable opponents I think that you should 3! or fold here.
    If you just call the limpers are getting a better price to also call, and now you are OoP four or five ways to the flop instead of heads up or three ways. I'm not sure about your 2/5 game, but I see a lot of limp call in similar situations at the games around here, even when it seems at first that the limpers have lost interest.
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    This is close and I agree with the points everyone has made. In fact, I have waffled back and forth while reading them.

    In the end I think I would just call. My mindset is a little different from cycleVs. I come to play and have fun, so if I can play, I do. But I can see how someone focused on maximizing their winnings could elect to fold OOP to what appears to be two competent Vs.

    Even though this seems like a reasonable configuration to 3bet, in this case I wouldn’t unless I thought there was a good chance both Vs would fold.

    I think we need to bet at least $200, maybe even 225-250. And I’m not thrilled with the prospect of playing a big pot OOP vs an unknown pro. I agree with cycle that V2 doesn’t have a premium hand, but the fact that he called vs 2 limpers and a raise tells me he’s got something very playable. Or maybe that our read of him is wrong.

    Also concerned with shortish stack size of V2. Pot could be $600 on the flop leaving him with just a pot size bet left. There’s limited maneuverability and could be hard to get a sticky pro to fold.

    So call me chickenshit, but I am just calling here and looking to play equity and value post-flop. But I could be convinced that a fold or 3bet is the optimal play.
    Thanked by 1CycleV
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