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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 365 "Journey into 5-5 volume 23: Welcome to Las Vegas Part 2"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,115Administrator, LeadPro
edited September 2019 in Crush Live Poker podcast
This week bart continues his journey into 5-5 challenge with a review of his first Las Vegas NL session from the $2-$5 game at the Red Rock Casino. Part 2 of 2.


20. S6 to 15, S7 calls me to 80 56dd and they call fold with 700 depth.

21. Next hand I don’t raise S6 limp with K7hh discipline!!

22. Defend 25, call, call me in BB 45ss 973ddh bet 30 call and I fold what if 56

23. Indian 15, girl calls me 80 sb Ah Qs 623r x/x turn Kh x 35 I call. River 2.. x/x and I won.

24. Open 20 ITG 98dd girl calls in BB. A44rd. X/25 food.

25. Open Ac 2c +MP1 CO button call sb calls. Jc Tc 5s. Sb bets 30 w 600 behind I call. Turn 2s. He bets 55 I call. River 9h. He bets 100 I fold what if club? Or 2? — play hand line if club and ppl behind

26. Indian 20 solid 60 I just fold AQ in bb.

27. Open LJ Qs Td, 35, button straddle to 85 I call. T65r, x55 I call. Turn Kss x 85, I call river Js, x 285 I just did not going to get tricky

28. Open AKos button straddle didn’t see it to 20 and everyone folds.

29. Defend in BB w A7cc after +1 pro to 20 CO and button call. Flop is TT8cc checked to Hutton he bets 15 me to 80 he calls. 475 left. Turn 9d. X 175 call river Kc. All in call.

30. s4 20, S5 call, call, button calls, me to 105 should be 140 he had 600 left, S5 calls, button all-in 190 total count.. me all in and call KK226 I win vs S5 and she wins over call JJ wtf ..

31. Defend 57cc one limp CO to 15 missed it should 3! Just call. Ac Js 6c x/x/x Kd. I check! Bet 45 raise but what if just call? Maybe peel pro in between

32. Open QJ 20 sb B. Call. Sb bets 25 fold I call. Qd Th 4s. Turn 7dd. Check I bet 75 he calls. River is 2ddd. He bets 100 I call he has ATos no diamond ..

33. Lady raises CO 15 me to 50 TS Td sb cold calls. Fold. Q85ssd x/x. Ah he leads 100 wtf? What if I had too set..

34. Structuring I open 56hh UTG +1 cold caller calls BB calls. Qh Jc 7c check me 35 both call. Turn Qd checked through was going to bomb river Q. Checked through and 79os wins what the fuck.

35. Button straddle and CO limp sb limp me 50 BB Kc Qd. And Qc 6c 2h. I bet 65 into 120 and he folds ducking nuaince!!

36. I raise 88 20 CO calls. Kj5AQ gets checks own and I won.

37. Button straddle solid, girl calls sb call I call 88 in BB. K47cc 8s8h. Checked over to girl 55 fold I fold pfr folds.

38. Structuring WTF. 68dd. Limp me 25 MP1 sb calls. Flop QJ7hhs. So no bet by me Ac. Checked through. River 8h.

40. I UTG .. 15 me to 60 56cc +2 he calls. Flop is Kc 6d 4c. X/90, call. Turn Td. X/250 and he folds. —-

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