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Should I River "Bluff" What Appears to be a Blocker Bet?

3/5 Seattle with a max bet of $500. I am in the hijack with the effective stack of $800. The villain is in the big blind with a stack of around $1000. The villain is a complete fish. In a previous hand an hour earlier, the villain had a stack of $235 and he limped under the gun with six three and called a raise to $30 from me on the button. I had pocket aces. The flop was ace, seven, four rainbow. He check-called a $45 bet on the flop from me. The turn was a six to complete the rainbow. He then check-raised a $105 bet from me on the turn for his final $160. He spiked a five on the river to hit his gutshot.

On to the hand:

I have ace five I opened to $20 from the hijack. The button, small blind, and the villain calls from the big blind.

Flop ($80): Jack five three Checked to me. I bet $30. The button folds. The small blind tank calls and the villain calls.

Turn ($170): Two :s: The small blind checks. The big blind leads for $60. I call. The small blind tank folds.

River ($290): Queen The villain again bets $60. I raised to $325.

The villain's river bet of $60 screams like a standard blocker bet. However, was it advisable to raise on this river card with my holding if I'm persuaded that the villain's bet sizing gives away that he does not have anything more than a one-pair hand even though I block missed flush draws? I am repping a set of jacks, set of fives, set of threes, set of queens, queen-jack, or even ace/queen diamonds, king/queen diamonds with the raise.



  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    edited September 2019
    I am definitely fine with raising but I wouldn't do it with the A. Holding that blocks a lot of his flush draw bluffs and he led on the turn in to 2 players. Sure, it seems weak, and if he's the type of player to fold after leading weak, go for it. But I'd select a few better hands to do so.

    I'd rather raise with TT than your hand. And I'd size closer to $225-$250. Better price on your bluff and still a significant amount of money for a river raise.
    Thanked by 1CycleV
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,197Subscriber
    I agree with ^^

    fwiw you are definitely NOT repping flopped sets, no way you don't bump the turn up.

    But most importantly, you're not up against a V who can figure out what you're repping. From your description, you have to know that he may not even be able to figure out what he's repping. Don't level yourself against people who can't look past their own two cards.
    Thanked by 1Piggy
  • Jax1234Jax1234 Posts: 67Member
    edited September 2019
    What made the river a weird spot to me was that there was a non-remote chance that I could have the best hand. I'm ahead of 6/5, 5/4, 4s, Ace/2, 6/3, 4/2. Those are all hands with which I can see a fishy player all of a sudden blocker betting on the turn and river.

    Besides the villain's bet sizing on the turn and river, what led me to conclude that he only had a one-pair hand smaller than a jack was that the small blind tank folded. That the small blind took a considerable amount of time to fold suggested that he held a jack, which reduced the number of jacks that the villain could have.

    I did not want to take a chance at just calling the villain on the river if he was blocker betting with sixs-through-tens, which are all hands that even the fishiest villains would fold to a substantial river raise.
    The villain folded to the raise on the river

    I would not have tried this play against a competent or aware player but then again, a competent or aware player is never going to play just a pair of jacks or lower by blocker betting on the turn and river.
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