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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 364 "Journey into 5-5 volume 22: Welcome to Las Vegas!"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,111Administrator, LeadPro
edited September 2019 in Crush Live Poker podcast
This week bart continues his journey into 5-5 challenge with a review of his first Las Vegas Nl session from the $2-$5 game at the Red Rock Casino.

Red Rock $2-$5 NL $300-$1000

1. 5 handed limp limp complete sb Tc 8c. J63r button K6

2. Linp me 25 A9os limper folds.

3. Observed hand limps button 30 4 calls. 9T3 xxx bet call turn T. Lead 225 button calls. River 5. X/ tank check back AA.

4. Open 20 KTos HJ Co to 60 I fold. 7 handed.

5. Sb raises to I call A8os QJ3 x/x he bets 20 on 5 I fold.

6. UTG to 20, CO calls, button me 80 him to 160 fold I call. K67r he bets 180, I call. Turn T .. 625 left all in he has Ak KK.

7. Over limp 9c Tc maybe should raise anyway. Q73c

8. I open A7dd.. Kenna calls button BB calls. AJ5ss BB bets 30 I call fold.. Turn Tc he bets 75 I call. River Qh he says 250 verbally!!

9. I open As Ts 25 +1 call, call call. 785s. Checked to me I check Kenna bets 75 guy vs my KK shoves and fold.

10. Ad Jc 30 button Q54cc. 2 limps and idiot Indian BB calls. X/x. Ac. X 25 call. River 4x check me 55 he calls Tc. Play hand. —

11. Straddle button older 30 with 500, UTG +1 tilted calls me 110 AQ all fold enough to fold to a shove. —-
12. Tilly UTG straddle lady 25 I just fold KJos +1

13. Straddle CO with 305 makes it 30 button calls I just call Ad Td and limper calls. 4 ways. J23dd x/x/100 fold? I raise to 300 cause of S5 brick out and lose to QQ —-

14. S5 open to 30 and I fold QJos.

15. Tilty UTG 25 me to 100 Ks Kh button flat call. 300 AJ6ccJdd 4h. X me 135 all fold.

16. AQ to 20 CO Indian calls button calls guy w QQ calls 972r BB leads 30 I just fold I drain calls. Turn Qcc I had Ac 60 from BB Indian to 155 guy has 800 behind and fold wtf.

17. I open A2dd +2 and S6 the guy with QQ calls. T92ccd check 25 call. Turn 3ccc x/x river 9h. Bet 75 I call he has AQ no club.

18. I open 68ss Mp1 CO calls button calls BB calls. Q99cc x/fold. Kenna bets button calls BB calls Ac Js. 9 x/x/x 9. BB bets 100 fold fold and he has AJ wtf

19. Indian 20 button call I call BB Jc 8c. 643ddd x/x/x. Turn 8h. I bet 30 and call. River 6. I bet 50 and call J8cc. Was thinking of checking but wanted the ace high to calll. Super thin—-
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