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Crush Live Poker Podcast No 363. Journey into 5-5 Volume 21: "Anatomy of a Super Session" Part 2

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,113Administrator, LeadPro
edited September 2019 in Crush Live Poker podcast
This week Bart delves into a big "super session" from a recent Saturday night at the Hustler Casino's $5-$5 $300-$1000 buy in game.

If you want to make some extra money, and are internet savvy with finding shit read on.-- So I just got notice of a little bit of embarrassing footage from when I was on a reality show back in 2003. Heres the link its at 15:00 in :

This got me thinking of posting a self deprecating YouTube video to our CLP YT channel of some of the stupid TV shows I have appeared on in and around 2003-2004. I will give $300 to each person (s) who can send me a viable link to video of these events that I can screen capture or download. So that I can upload the video to YouTube. $300 for each instance:

1. “Hollywood Squares” — My show aired week of March 17, 2004. This is from the Hollywood Squares that ran from 1998-2004ish, with host Tom Bergeron I was a three day champion. Season 4 EP 51-Ep55. Guests were Coors girls, Charo, Gilbert Gottfried, Lance Burton and Eric Roberts that week. I won $22,000 plus a cruise. I lost in episode 4 by not agreeing with Charo.

2. “Blind Date” — took the date in the summer of 2003. Air date fall 2003 - Fall 2004 .. Girl on the date was insane.. batshit crazy. Producers had set it up that we were supposed to end up in the hot tub at Dennis Rodman's house. But it didnt happen because she couldn't keep it together.

3. “Street Smarts” — Recorded this game show episode late 2003 - early 2004, so air date was several months after that. The record for this show in a single episode was like $4000. Final round was like final Jeopardy. Going into the final round I had gotten every question correct and and went into the end with like $2800. My opponent, this 22yr old spicy Puerto chick had $200. There were no returning champions. I bet it all and lost the final question. She lost the question and won with $75 total(edited)

20. Wendy opens 20 Burton me 85 KQss she calls K72r I 90 she folds.

23. Idiot 25 me to 90 Kd Kh he calls. TT3csc I bet 85 he mutters and folds.

24. I call S5 raise from +1 in CO Kc Jd. BB calls. Qs Ts 6c x 40 I call fold. Turn Jcc x/x river 6d. He bets 125 I fold. XXX

25. I call 6d 6h in BB scot UTG raises +1 calls qJ2ddd checked around turn is 5h x 40 ff

27. I straddle S3 Asian to 30 +1 calls CO, button and sb me to 200 KK mislcick all fold. Maybe no calling at this level?

28. I open J9ss CO sb BB and straddle call. Flop is KJJr checked to me 65 all fold!!

29. Open Ah Td 35 UTG straddle straddle calls. Flop q74hh x me 40 fold barrrel!!

30. Open CO 35 KJos BB and straddle calll T42r checked to me 50 both fold.

32. S3 opens 40 into my straddle I call QQcs. Flop AJ7r x/x. Turn T x 50 call. River 3 x/x I won. XXX

34. Tilt S4 to 35 me to 110 call. Flop is A48 leads for 110 I call. Turn Kh x 275 call. River 9 x all-in call. $1100 effective.

35. Bomb pot A6 on a67 I bet 75 he calls. Turn Kcc I bet 175 he folds AQ.

36. UTG 20 i call 77 sb scot calls BB. K74cc xx35 to 135 call. 370 in pot. Turn 4h. I bet 325 call. 1020. He has 1k left 6c. All-in he olds. XXX `1500 effective

37. Co 20 me 70 KJos he calls. 1750 eff QT3r x 80, call. Turn A. X 400 raise to 900 with 700 left I jam I won.

38. Indian UTG 20 me to 75 he calls. J93ddd x 70 fold. Ad Kc

39. Bomb pot. I’m deal Jh 7h UTG. Q46hh x scot pats 150 everyone folds!!

Thanked by 1Livingatthebike


  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 184Subscriber
    Good podcast and session Bart. A quick question about the AhTd hand and barreling on heart turns. What sizing are you taking here and what river cards will you continue betting on other than the back doors that come in?
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,113Administrator, LeadPro
    I think it slightly depends on the position of the caller on the flop. Next to act being slightly stronger than closing the action. Pot would be about $180 on the turn. I could see betting 2/3 on turn followed up by a big bet (pot) at the end. Bart
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 184Subscriber
    So going after the weakest range we can and betting across all rivers? Thank you.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,113Administrator, LeadPro
    So going after the weakest range we can and betting across all rivers? Thank you.

    Yes.. Bart
    Thanked by 1StreetFighter
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