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3-Betting Large Raises w/Limpers 1/2

tomohawktomohawk Posts: 1Member
edited September 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
The local casino features a lot of hands that go like this:

Multiple limps then someone $20+ and (almost) every limper calls. Sometimes even when there are no limps someone comes in for $14+ and gets 2-4 callers. Almost every hand is raised exactly once pf. Almost no one 3! even w/KK+. Yesterday in one hand I witnessed there was no 3! pf and one caller had KK, another AA.

I am wondering if I can exploit this by:

1) Limping pf when sitting directly before the loosest players, then 3! my best hands, even going all-in(?) Something like JJ+, AK?

2) 3! IP with a polarized range. (Something like JJ+, AK, then assorted A+suited wheel?). I am thinking not many will 4! w/o AA(?)

Me: mid-50s, generally play tight (a few players have commented on this) and have only about 100 hours playing live. I always BI for $200. The casino allows BI $100-$500.
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