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1/2 Aria PLO, raising a LAG villain with big draw on the Turn?

1/2 PLO Aria, 4am Monday (Labor day weekend). Full table has been fairly loose aggressive with a mix of gambling tourists and good regs. Typical to see 5 way action in raised pots.

Villain: 30-something white male, Looks like a fitness fiend— he is normally a good aggressive experienced PLO regular but seems very tilted. Raising more than 50% of pots for the last hour (although his post flop bet sizing is usually less than pot even w nuts) and complaining over and over about how shuffle machines are rigged. V was up to $2500 but has lost $1000 in the last 90 minutes. He has made some questionable calls.

Hero ($700) has assumed his normal 60 year old OMC status as an overly tight new PLO player. But he tells great jokes.

Two early tourists limp
Villain in HJ pot ($25)
Hero on button calls w Ac Jc 9d 8d (raise?)
Bb limpers call. 5 way action.

($125) Flop Kc, Ts, 6d
All x to PFR who bets ($100), H call, others fold, heads up.

($325) T 5d, PFR bets $250. Hero??


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    edited September 2019
    I have become a more and more of a pre-flop nit and your hand is a borderline call for me, not a candidate to 3-bet. I don’t like that it is a 2 gap broadway. The fact you’re on the button and are double suited, I cannot hate the call.

    I think the flop is a fold. True, you have two gutshots to the nuts and some backdoors, but the price isn’t good. You also have to contend with the 3 other players in the hand that if any of them spring to life and pot when naturally checking to the PFR you’re going to have to fold your hand effectively lighting your $100 on fire.

    On the turn, how does the 5
    change villain’s perspective of your hand? He’s repping KKxx, TTxx, KTxx, 66xx or perhaps K6xx. Think about it, which of these hands are going to fold for $350 more? With your new outs, now you can now call and take your equity to the river.
    Thanked by 2CycleV Jonesey
  • JoneseyJonesey Posts: 151Subscriber
    Thanks Garland. I’m pretty nitty preflop and when I have draws as well. The main questions I have in this hand (and others) is whether I’m being too passive. I’m trying to identify situations where I should be raising more. The preflop call is borderline wide I think but i was looking for stack-off nutted opportunities against this tilted player. So I had widened up a bit.

    It’s hard to defend the flop call. My first instinct was to fold but then I thought there were lots of cards that could improve me on the turn and give me chances to stack him off. I didn’t think the limpers had many check raises in their arsenal (if at all in fact).
  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 328Subscriber
    Flop call here is thin at best given that you're holding just a double nut gutter and one backdoor flush draw you'd like to have. Turn doesn't improve your hand at all vs the range he is repping, he could have a better diamond draw based on the type of KKxx and KTxx are in a reasonable reg's range. Remember, the K is not a diamond OTF so all Kdxdxx hands are in play here.

    Pre flop is not a three bet ever in these live games unless you can get it HU against a big fish. Here you have someone deeper than you who is tilting and all you're doing is bloating the pot.

    If your read is strong that you get to see the turn without a check raise from an opponent OTF, you're not getting the right price but it's close. OTT you're a 70/30 dog against his perceived range and I think there are some perilous reverse implied odds with your hand too. Fold here for sure.

  • JoneseyJonesey Posts: 151Subscriber
    edited September 2019
    Thanks terp. You legitimized his angry reaction at the end. Lol. Seriously always appreciate any constructive help for this newby. River was 7c, he checked, I bet 1/2 pot and he called w a set of 6s. I should have folded the flop I think.

    By the way I completely screwed up my hand history here. Turn was 5c, not diamond. Sorry I know that changes everything but your comments were still very helpful.
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