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I love bomb pots. What did CO have?

SFGiantsSFGiants Posts: 565Subscriber
edited September 2019 in Low Content Forum
2-3-5 NL at Nor Cal card room. $25 bomb pot. I am rocking a $135 (after posting $25) short stack after a bad series of hands.

Pre-Flop (9 players - $225) I am UTG+1 with J J :s:

Flop - J 6 4 check to me, I check, HJ bets $200, button calls, I call my last $135 all-in, CO springs to life and goes all-in for $500ish, HJ folds, button calls. Action is closed. [why oh why didn't I rebuy before this bomb pot]

Turn 6

River 3

I win the main pot, and button has A :s: J winning the side pot.

Mystery question: What did CO have?


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