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Cash Player w/ Tourney Preflop Question

Hello. I'm primarily a cash game player but occasionally take shots in tourneys when the circuit comes to town. Had this spot come up today and wanted some thoughts on it.

$400 buyin WSOP circuit event
Blinds 200/400/400

UTG limps, UTG1 limps, tilted guy in MP that just lost a big pot shoves for 7100. Hero with about 43k stack has QQ and goes to call but accidentally has an extra 5k chip so has to minraise to 13,800. Folds to UTG who shoves for 41k. Back to hero. Is this a call or fold? And should I be raising or shoving myself after MP shoves, instead of just calling? I wasn't sure about that either. Since his shove was so big compared to the blinds I thought calling was ok (even though I ended up raising by accident). Haven't seen the villain really get out of line in the couple hours we've played.



  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 294Subscriber
    It's a call. I'm just not folding QQ pre unless V is the nittiest of nits. We're just going to see AK or JJ here too much to fold. Sucks when they have AA or KK but sometimes it's just your turn to go down. And with the limp V could just be doing this with A9ss or some BS hand.

    I believe we should bump QQ up to 17K so we can get heads up and try to win the dead money in the pot. Our goal here is to build our stack as much as possible early since that will make a deep run more likely.

    I think the only situation we can fold is if the V and H are really deep and we're on the money bubble and our opponent seems somewhat aware of what ICM is.

    Also, what position are you in? and did V notice that you didn't mean to re-reaise?
  • CashPleaseCashPlease Posts: 5Subscriber
    edited August 2019

    Also, what position are you in? and did V notice that you didn't mean to re-reaise?

    Without this context, either calling or shoving is fine.

    If you were co or btn I would prefer to isolate and be happy to pick up the 7100 and dead money, calling a shove at that stack size at these blinds looks way too suspicious, you're more likely to get ep players to call with ak and jj< shoving.

    From the blinds I think calling looks weaker and more likely to induce 4b shoves with worse.

    As played, I'm sure the ep villain knew you made a mistake, but qq should be beating most of his range. Without a strong read I'm happy to get it in with qq. Kk+ 4b shoves are coolers.
  • pokergal72pokergal72 Posts: 56Subscriber
    Thanks for the comments. I was in the HJ and not sure if V knew it was a misclick. I ranked for a minute trying to decide whether to call or raise. So when I called and they said it was a raise I just played it off like that was my intention.
  • CashPleaseCashPlease Posts: 5Subscriber
    Definitely iso in hj then. Him shoving over the raise if he thought you meant to is a huge tell of strength, I might tank fold qq to the tightest of the tightest players I'd ever play against, but that's so rare. Just get your money in now and if he has better oh well that's poker.
  • pokergal72pokergal72 Posts: 56Subscriber
    Thanks again. I ended up calling and he had KK. The shortstack had TT.
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