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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 359 "Journey into 5-5 volume 19: a comical session part 1"

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,147Administrator, LeadPro
This week Bart returns to his 5-5 challenge and reviews a "comical session" played at the Hustler $5-$5 game.



  • mickey_in_detroitmickey_in_detroit Posts: 9Subscriber
    Really enjoyed that first hand where the guy had Ak and checked every street. Lol I want to play against that guy.
    Thanked by 1Bart Hanson
  • BennyAdelineBennyAdeline Posts: 35Subscriber
    This was a very solid and informative podcast
    Thanked by 1Bart Hanson
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,147Administrator, LeadPro
    Here is this episodes notes:

    Hands from Hustler 5-5

    1. Open A5dd UTG 20, M2 Asian to $80 with $500 I call. KT8d x/x Jh xx 8 x/x los to AK!! 3 bet defense vs tighty

    2. Straddle button limps sb fish to 45 in sb me to 145 he calls Ad Qs . 300 642r x/110 call. Turn 9s x/x river 2. He bets 200 and I fold. Too small for a bluff volume betting

    3. Coco limps LJ button to 20 I call sb Ac 8c BB and coco calls. J95hhh x fold guy had QQ

    4. New limp MP1 me to 25 Ah Qs he calls. 634r x/x turn 9dd he bets 30 I call. River Tddd x/x lose to Ac 9c didnt bet the flop like before volume betting

    5. I open ATos 35 Butto calls sb calls and straddle calls. 140. KQ4r. Straddle bets 80 I call all fold. Turn 9.. straddle 210 I fold. Maybe light call config

    6. Straddle idiot S9 limp me to $40 7c 7s. +3 calls, sb BB and limper call $200 Jh 6c 2c. Limper bets 110 I fold with 3 to act behind me. Tc Qc. Limper bets 100 on turn checks river and shows Th 6h as a limped hand!! 5 ways leads T6 check folds 4th club mornon!

    7. I open 44 5 handed sb and BB call. Q56ss x/x/x turn 7d fold 25 call. River 8sss x 50 call w A4 chop. Guy that hand been playing a lot hands easy value bet

    8. AK UTG open to $20 coco calls button idiot calls BB. 975r xxx. Turn 9d. Idiot bets 40 I fold coco calls. River 2. Xx Q8os vs 64os. Wtf. XXXX

    9. I 3 bet idiot with Kc 9c on the button 15 to 50 BB cold calls and calll. Flop is Qd 5d 3s xxx turn 2ddd x/x/x river 2 and 44 wins. No cbet weak!

    10. I open 9c Tc LJ, HJ calls button same guy w hand 2 AK to 100, I fold!! AK again. I make adjustment to tight 3 bet range he has AK again with caller behind easy fold

    11. Make a hero call straddle 8s 3c. Idiot in S9. A29 x/x turn 3s he bets 20 I call river Kh he best $40 I call. Straddle pot hand reading ! XXXX

    12. AA I raise to 20 +1 calls S8 calls in BB. T73r I bet 35 fold fold. No value

    13. KJdd open A62 I cbet flop small into 2 players over one limp all fold no bd

    14. UTG opens UTH S8, calls I call KJhh. KQ4r. Xxx. Turn 2 I bet 40 and all fold!!

    15. Over limp 96dd 7 ways. QQT. Xedthrough. Turn 8. X to me 25 BB calls. River K. X me 90 him min to 200… min check raised vs overbet.. Fullhouse!

    16. As 9d defend on button to Co raise and sb calls. Flop is Q83ss xx I bet 45 to barre and everyone folds. As mulit barrel offsuit hand no 3 bet solver work

    17. Open +1 7 handed K9hh straddle sb BB and straddle call.. 120. KT5h. Xxx 45 call call. 255.. turn 4 xxx river 9. X 75 w 150 back call and overcalls and I win. Coco bets with 88 I get over call ran out of value after 2 flop calls 88?? XXXX
  • DiegoPokerDiegoPoker Posts: 21Subscriber
    edited August 2019
    Bart I am still trying to figure out how often CA players call 3-bets at 5/5$.
    This info is the basis for the 3-bet strategy that you advise.
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