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Crush Live Poker Video No. 403: Passive Play Doesn't Pay

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 789Administrator
edited August 2019 in Crush Live Poker Videos
This month Tuck dissects a typical 5-5-10 game and discusses the merits for smart aggressive play

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  • PBooziePBoozie Posts: 1Subscriber
    Nice video, excellent commentary. I particularly liked the last hand. I have tendency to zone out during videos. So the mystery hand was quite engaging to imagine what you would do. I think mystery hands could be a great way to create new content. Maybe block out all hands expect for heros really get in their shoes.
  • cuzican86cuzican86 Posts: 15Subscriber
    Did someone fold AKo in that last hand?
    It was on the screen quickly!
  • cuzican86cuzican86 Posts: 15Subscriber
    Tom folded AKo??
  • BennyAdelineBennyAdeline Posts: 35Subscriber
    Solid video with a clear message and some hand reading strat as an extra
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