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What would you do $1/3 Jh9h BB

nlhood1nlhood1 Posts: 12Subscriber
edited August 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
So I like to take a look at the lines people take on live streams and analyze them. Just my way of studying. Watching a hand on stones and wanted to talk about what line you would take if you were hero and why. Removed names and rounding up stacks and so forth


Hero Effective Stack - 500 (J 9) in BB
Loose Agro villain covers hero and opens to 15 on the button
SB folds
Hero Calls

Flop 8 Q 4

Hero Leads for $20
Villain Calls

Turn is a K

Hero bets $20 - This is too small, why even bet this small (IMO), same size bet yadda yadda yadda
Villain Raises to $65
Hero Calls

River is a A

Hero bets $125
Villain Jams
Hero Folds obviously

So what is your line on this board. Assuming you call preflop. Do we lead flop, check call, check raise? Based on that action what do you do on the turn and river accordingly? Do you fold to a raise on the turn if played similar to hero in this spot?

I feel like spots similar to these give me issues on the river when we brick out especially when the river is an A or an overcard



  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    It's good to think about hands. But learning from live streams is likely a borderline proposition at best. The play is so terribad.

    Here, just fold pre. The implied odds are terrible, and you're oop the whole way. Look for an excuse to NOT play hands OOP. Here, you really don't even need an excuse.

    Leading the flop is dumb. You may get a random black K7 to fold, maaaybe A2 or something, but that's about it. Let's say the LAG is opening almost any 2 cards over an 8. Well, That gives him lots of gutshots with 2 overs to the 8; some Ax and Kx that have an over and often some backdoors; and occasionally a pair. Leading out doesn't put any real pressure on those hands. A c/r is much more likely to force him into a tough decision.

    The turn is so fucking stupid that I revert back to my, "it's tough to learn much from watching a live stream" stance.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,115Administrator, LeadPro
    I think this is an easy defend in the BB here preflop.

    On the flop, most of the time I am going to go for a check raise. Now a days most players check to the raiser by default, and I think that that is ok HU. You can mix in some leads multiway but it is very unlikely you are going to get many folds by leading. Turn sizing is definitely showing weakness and you are really only representing JT by betting here at the end. When you think of the value hands that raise the turn, (KQ+) none are ever going to fold the river.

    The funny thing here is that your opponent really shouldn't be raising with many other hands besides JT himself at the end. Even a hand like KK or AA is dicey (although you are shallow and its 1-3) because you played this spot extremely polarizing, meaning that you are only taking this river line with JT or a bluff. I mean even if you had flopped a set of fours or 8s, ask yourself would you have played it in this manner? Most likely you are three betting the turn and or checking the river. Not making what is deemed to be a very large bet at 1-3 on an offsuit ace. bart
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
    Call preflop is fine. But plan to play the hand for bluffing power also.

    Depending on the level of aggro of the player I play the hand differently.

    If he is a maniac I play it like a XC, XC because I have equity.
    If he is just aggro and would B, B, X I would XR the flop.
    If he was aggro preflop with a B, X, ? line I would XC float to take it away later.
    Thanked by 1FriendlyFish
  • nlhood1nlhood1 Posts: 12Subscriber
    Thanks everyone. I'll probably post more of these. While the play on live streams can be bad, the play live is bad as well most times so i think its somewhat beneficial to just take how terrible they played and think what would i do in this spot with this hand.

    I think im defending preflop and then looking to go for a check raise on the flop. The turn sizing is just terrible and if i check raised the flop im probably leading the turn with a normal size and check/ giving up on the river if called on the turn.
  • GlennJonesGlennJones Posts: 176Subscriber
    edited August 2019
    nlhood1 wrote: »
    I feel like spots similar to these give me issues on the river when we brick out especially when the river is an A or an overcard

    Which is why I don't play these type of hands (marignal Broadway suited gappers) out of position in low stakes games. There are going to be plenty of value opportunities elsewhere in the session. I'm folding pre.

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