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2/4 Flopped Flush Facing 2 x All Ins

-2222--2222- Posts: 7Subscriber
edited August 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
The game is a loose passive $2/4, $400 Buy-in. V1 has chipped up from $80 to $600. I don't think he is a strong player.

He has seen me 3 Bet/call off a V2 UTG Raise (to lol$10) with 77 from the BB after 5 calls. The call off was for about $100 more than my 3Bet so I got caught with a hand in my bluff 3 bet range.

V2 is OMC and super exploitable... we used to play at a home game and he would open his whole range from any position then fold to a 3 bet without top 3 hands. If he raised, and there was one to 2 callers, I used to 3 Bet him with literally any 2 when in position. Printing.

V1 (UTG) ($600) Raises to 15, 2 calls to me in the CO JHQH ($400) V2 (BU) calls, BB calls.

Flop: 7H5H2H. Checks to me. I lead $65. V2, All In $180. V1 All In $600.

Is this a call or fold?


  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 294Subscriber
    I'd be very worried about V1 c/r here. Would he really do that with Ahxh? Maybe A7. A c/r from the PFR is super strong and since the 7h is out there and we have QJh it takes away some possible flushes that we beat. But, people do stupid shit... and all it takes is him doing this with AhAx and we have enough equity to call and we may still have enough to call if he's only doing this with sets and flushes.

    Also, I wouldn't worry about what other Vs have seen from us. Most of them are just playing their cards.
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  • -2222--2222- Posts: 7Subscriber
    edited August 2019
    About what others see. This hand was from the day before.

    MP raise to 25 called in 4 spots including me with 77 in late. Flop 869r. $25 on Flop - 3 callers including me.
    2 on Turn.
    EP bets 35, MP raises to 75 and I 3 bet to $200 with my 7's
    EP All in for $90,MP fold.

    EP shows K7o and MHIG (but everybody saw the Bluff).

    15 mins later....

    I over limp in MP limp K8dd. EP calls and 3 others.
    Flop is 679dd. Ep bets $6, I call, (although a raise would be fine) now heads up.
    Turn Qd. I bet $25, call.
    R Kh. x, I shove. EP, says, "Oh I hope you don't have the Flush" but I saw what you did on that other hand..,Call.(for like $112) My hand is good.

    It feels like I got paid off twice on the first hand.

    When I 3 bet bluffed with 77 and got caught bluffing, V2 (above) berated me (He LOL folded AQss to a 3 bet of a 30 BB stack the hand before). "What did you think I was raising with UTG? - didn't you see me fold AQ" (he showed me before he folded). He literally has no concept of having a 3Bet bluff range.

    Point being that especially when it comes to bluffing in the lower stakes, you can be "tagged a Bluffer" and people make the wrong adjustments to you so it is worthwhile keeping that in mind.

    Another guy I have played with over the last 3 days (he takes some good lines against the field and I estimate he is a winning player in the pool....

    He played his standard game against the field but about midway through the session yesterday, he seemed to just stay away from my raises and did the same tonight (I have been in God mode the last 4 days).

    Anyway, tonight I raise in MP with A6cc. He is in position two to my left and I can see him contemplating a 3Bet but in the end just calls with.... KK - like WTF? The adjustment he made was trying to trap me

    A super loose fish I play against called (he snap called BTW) a 3 Barrel I ran with TPGK and said, "I knew you were bluffing when you made it so big on the River". Kudos to him for understanding that I was polarized in that spot) but I can't wait to take him to value town when we play again. And I can represent strength against him by decreasing my bluff sizes in future eg, I will be able to chase straights on flushing boards and represent the Flush on the River with a half size pot bet against him.

    So I think that having some understanding of what the field thinks of you and how they adjust to you has merit (generally for me, it means I can size up River bets and get paid).
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,577Subscriber
    Almost getting 2:1 to call.

    Queen high flushes are the 50% mark of flushes.

    I'd look at realizing V1's UTG hand range before I make a call or fold.
    If V2 is only shoving with the nuts I think it's a fold. But if he can do this with sets, small flushes then I can look at the larger call based on what V1 raises UTG.

    You have to find more hands that you beat in his range than hands that beat you by about 5:4 to make this call.

    So it V1 only raises TT+ and AK you are looking at 1 combo of AKhh and maybe AhAx which makes this a call. But you need to understand your opponent. His XRAI worries me because he would do this with the nuts if faced with a bet and raise thinking OMC has a set here.

    That is how I would approach it. I'd also replay how V1 and V2 acted after the flop.

  • -2222--2222- Posts: 7Subscriber
    My thinking in game was that I would have to beat not one but two players and I did not know a lot about V1's tendencies. It was one of those moments that I got flustered by the action and in game, I definitely was not able to think rationally due to how surprised I was by V1's action. Note to self there.

    i Fold, V2 has a set and spikes a repeat for a full house. V1 folds without showing but there was a lot of discussion at the table after and V1 said he thought he had a lot of FE against me and "i only need to win that hand 37% of the time"

    I have been experimenting with field tendencies trying to find "spots" where I can apply max pressure and having the Ace on a 3 Flush board is definitely one of those spots - but not when there is a bet into 4 players and an All in raise behind lol.

    FWIW, I had already decided to call OMC and if there was an all in behind from the field I would have snap called.

    Thanks for the responses guys.

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