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Crush Live Tournaments Video No. 67: Jonathan Little Reviews Key Hands Day 1 of his 2019 Main Event

Jonathan Little Reviews Key Hands From Day 1 of the $10,000 WSOP Main Event.

Episode Posts 11 AM PST.



  • SevenBelowSevenBelow Posts: 4Subscriber
    On the last hand of the video on the turn (shown in the picture) we decided to check. Is there any merit to making a 1/3rd size pot bet on the turn and checking back all non 8 rivers? I like this move when the turn doesn't pair because it denys some equity and gets us to showdown cheap... I wonder if the board pairing turn makes a big difference in the hand as well?

  • SevenBelowSevenBelow Posts: 4Subscriber
    The imagine did not attach,, Hand was 8 8 (with a diamond) BB defended, we look a cbet 1/2 pot and check back turn line, on a 9d 6x 2d (flop) 2x (turn)
  • I am fine with betting the turn, although it does not give the opponent the chance to bluff on various rivers. I imagine both players should not have many 2s in their ranges, so it is probably still fine to continue betting with a decently wide value range. That said, I love giving people the chance to bluff in spots where I have an easy call.
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