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$2/$5 Line Check. KK facing c/r on flop.

JredAJredA Posts: 100Subscriber
edited July 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$2/$5 Local Casino. $500 Buy In Max.

I have been playing for 2 hours. Have caught a few hands and have chipped up to $625. I have connected with several flops and I would guess my image is loose aggressive as I have continued often on the flop.

Main villain is a female in her 30's. She has been very splashy pre flop often limp/calling and I have only seen her show down 2 hands.

1. She 4-bet jammed KK and ran into AA.

2. She limp/called a late position raise multi-way and then proceeded to over bet ch/jam her short stack in on a 7 high two diamond flop w/ Qd 8d and got there to chip up to her current stack.

Main villain limps from UTG+1. LJ limps. I $30 w/ K K. Main villain calls.

Flop ($65) = Q J 8 :s:

Ch. I $40. She $140. I call.

This raise left villain with roughly $360 behind. Seeing how she ripped it in on a draw earlier, I thought folding here was way too weak as bluffs are def possible. I have to admit I did briefly consider a fold to this raise due to the fact I held both KK which blocks so many draws. But ultimately folding here seems way to soft.

Turn ($345) = 6

She jams for $360. I tank fold.

QJ, Q8s, J8s, 88, and 9T all beat me and are in her range.

I am ahead of grossly misplayed Qx hands and maybe some odd gut shot draws that picked up a flush draw. Maybe a hand like Kh Th or Ah Th is all I can think of.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.



  • GarlandGarland Posts: 526Subscriber
    edited July 2019
    I think your decision point comes on the flop. You need to make a plan on what happens when a turn blanks before you call the flop x-raise. If you're folding the turn when the card doesn't do anything, I think you need to seriously evaluate the call on the flop because Qx isn't slowing down on that card.

    That said let's evaluate her range based on your info. Unfortunately you block a lot of Qx hands she most likely overplays.
    Counting the combos you beat:
    AQ = 12 combos
    KQ = 6 combos
    Total = 18 combos

    Combos that beat you:
    QJ = 9 combos
    Q8s =2 combos
    J8s = 2 combos
    88 = 3 combos
    9T = 16 combos
    Total = 32 combos

    I think you can find a painful, but good fold on the flop. If you call, even when you hit a K, you'll lose to T9. If the board pairs, you're not sure if that counterfeits her (8 is probably the best one). Even if you add in the Kh Th or Ah Th to her range it's a good fold. KT is limited to 8 combos, and is she getting that aggressive with it? It gets a little dicier if you add in some QT/Q9, but generally speaking the QT/Q9 shouldn't be X-raising, and it's generally doubtful even KQ should be x-raising.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,581Subscriber
    Bet more on the flop and use SPR as the leverage.

    Either she has a weaker hand like TP and is reluctantly calling
    Or she has a strong hand and is XRAI which will make your play an easy fold as there really arent any combos here she can have. At best a pair + GS + BDFD

    As is you bet 60% pot which is fairly standard ho hum bet. If you bet more you would have a more accurate answer on what she is doing.

    This is a good board to bet large because her range is fairly polarized. Either she has something or nothing. A small bet like what you did isn't going to make 77 call but Qx or Jx will call all day at least one street.

    As played with stereo type, I'd fold. If she was in her 40s I would consider calling. I find older women tend to be more spewy.

    Also raise more with those KKs than $30 preflop. These people don't come to fold. They woman limped UTG+1 which makes her hand stronger than the wanker who limped in the later position. She should be calling most raises. Get some value.
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Def bet more on the flop. After she raises, given your profile of her, I'd either jam myself or be prepared to call off any blank turn. It's just one of thos things where we never really know what she could have, so shrug, ship it, yell for chips.
  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Posts: 134Subscriber
    Something I get reminded of from time to time is that just because someone makes maniacal plays when they are short, doesn't necessarily mean they are still making a maniacal play with a normal stack.

    Obviously this is villain dependent, and I'm not sure whether it applies here or not, but it's dangerous to assume that Villains have the same mindset with 30-40 BB that they do with 100+ BB.
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