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Red Aces faces flop shove from Maniac

nlhood1nlhood1 Posts: 12Subscriber
NLHE $1/2
Button: Seat 4
Hero: A A (st 200) Seat 9
one limp to Hero who opens to $12.
Seat 1(200) V1 New Player No History - Calls
Seat 2(350) V2 Maniac - Calls
Seat 6(250) Calls
Seat 7(100) Calls

Flop 4 6 7 Rainbow

S6. Checks
S7. Checks
Hero. Checks - I expect V2 to bet as he has been betting any board checked to him.
V1. Leads for $15
V2. Jams $350 - In the 3 hours ive been at the table i've seen him do this 4 times. Once against me with 22 on the turn with a board of AK77. Twice with gut shots into 3+ opponents and once with a naked flush draw not to the nuts in a very multiway pot. All have been massive overbets and the 22 hand he just open jammed turn for 4x pot. He has shown the hands voluntarily each time when it was folded.

Folds to Hero who: ??????

I'm pretty sure i should have opened larger but whatever. My questions are should i have bet this flop 5 handed and what should i do given V2's image with V1 behind me and having no history on V1.
Hero Calls and V1 tanks for 2 minutes and calls. Turn is a 5, River is A. V1. Shows 47o for flopped 2 pair and V2 shows K8o for the turned straight


  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 172Subscriber
    edited July 2019
    Sizing pre is OK. Normally I would bet-fold but give Villain description I can understand checking to him. That being said, our read needs to be really solid because this is multiway and it'll be a disaster if it checks through. I might be more incline to check if heads-up against V2.

    As played, I’m high-fiving the dealer before snapping him off.
    Thanked by 1RogerHardy
  • MmumfordMmumford Posts: 39Subscriber
    Definitely bet this flop even this multiway. Nobody at 1/2 is going to take advantage of you because the flop hits their range so its better to be straightforward and bet for value. V1s bet is very weak and although he could show up with a monster sometimes I'm still SNAP calling the maniac.
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