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"Table Talk" question for DC

First off, congrats on joining this site David. Having played with you back in the old hp days i have always respected your play.

My question is on "table talk" when your playing. I remember you having a knack for getting under the other players skin and tilting them with your table talk. Do you still do this? or do you take a more "mellow" approach considering you play much higher stakes now?.... I still play with Indian Raj from time to time and his table talk to the fish is really something. lol...I mean i know what hes trying to do, and i know he crushes and has mad tallent. but do you think its +EV to berate and needle the fish?....I on the other hand tend to try and be as friendly as possible and keep it as fun as possible for the fish at the table and make their experience as fun as i can while they're not sucking out with their two and three outers.


  • TDFTDF Posts: 1,130Subscriber
    What's up with "sucking out with their two and three outers" comment?
  • David ChanDavid Chan Posts: 1,208Pro
    Actually, I think Indian Raj is much better at the table talk than I am. I use table talk to induce my opponents to give me extra info for me to make the correct decisions, but I am not an expert at manipulating others to do what I want them to do as Raj is (it's pretty amazing how he will persuade people to make the wrong decision with his verbal antics).

    I generally think it is OK to show bluffs to the bad players, but I don't think it is good to berate them. Sometimes, it is OK to needle a bad player when he gets out of line. If he needled me earlier in the day, I think it's fair game for me to start needling him later. A lot of bad players will end up respecting you more if you show some personality. There is no need to kiss ass at the poker table. Show the recreational players respect, but don't be a sniveling wimp when a bad player insults you. Then it is time for you to make some witty and sarcastic retorts.

    I remember that some rude
    tilting Asian female (she was berating the worst super-deep player at table constantly for sucking out on her) was sarcastically needling me by saying that I was bluffing with the best hand when I showed K9-high. Then I told her, "Thanks for the advice. Next time I will slow-play my K9-high against you." Then I bluffed her about 5x immediately afterwards and showed every bluff. She then angrily said that I was targeting her and trying to put her on tilt. I matter of factly told her, "I am not TRYING to put you on tilt. That's impossible. You are ALREADY on tilt."
    The worst player on the table immediately warmed up to me after that. He thought my verbal jabs were highly comedic. The rest of the table also found everything amusing when the tilting Asian female ended up playing any two suited cards and got felted finally when she called a $350 3-bet with T5o and shoved into AQ behind her on a 5-way A53 flop.
  • David ChanDavid Chan Posts: 1,208Pro
    Cliff Notes: I think that it is OK to show bluffs (bluffing is a psrt of the game), but you should only show them when they the upside exceeds the downside. I think berating is always bad. I think needling is best done as a retaliatory tactic against someone who has shown bad etiquette already.
  • Hey David,
    Thanks for your indepth response. I've been starting to think more about the "psychological warfare" and the "emotional" part of the game. Mostly playing a nittish TAG style in the 3-5 game i play is still profitable. (although i know it can be higher) I'm just trying to work on my game that will add to my hourly. i think showing some bluffs once in awhile to the bad players when the "upside exceeds the downside" is solid advice, along with the other things you mentioned.

    Thanks again David and keep up the good work!

    Be Well!
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