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Confessions Of A Newbie PLO Player: Part 2

GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
As a background, I'm primarily a NL player who hasn't played any PLO in about a decade. I consider NL my dinner and PLO as dessert.

Location: Lion Poker Palace in Houston, TX $1/$3 blinds (w/ $6 button forced straddle--action starts with SB)
Stakes: $100-$1000, match the big stack. Game is pretty loose and aggressive. No one is really getting tricky check-raising.

Hand 1: $830 effective AAT5 :s: :s:

Pre-Flop ($9 - 9 players) 6 limpers to me, I pot to $50 on button and get 4 callers.

Flop ($262 - 5 players): Q64 I unblock the NFD. Checks to me, I bet ?

Hand 2: $600 effective AQ67

Pre-Flop ($9 - 9 players) - SB, BB, UTG (tilting playing badly) limps, I limp UTG+1(?), 2 other field limpers, button checks.

Flop ($42 - 7 players) 864 check around.

Turn ($42 - 7 players) 5 UTG bet $30, I just call, others fold.

River ($102 - 2 players) 8 UTG bets $100, I ???

Hand 3: $500 effective AK93 :s: :s:

Pre-Flop ($9 - 9 players) - I limp LJ, HJ limp, CO (villain from Hand 2 above) makes BS raise to $20, button calls, I call, HJ calls.

Flop ($83 - 4 players) AK7 :s: I bet $55, only CO calls.

Turn ($193 - 2 players) 7 :s: xx (what is the plan if he bets?)

River ($193 - 2 players) 4 I ??

Hand 4: $500 effective 6433

Pre-Flop ($9 - 9 players) - 5 field limps to me, I check my button straddle.

Flop ($33 - 6 players) - K63 :s: BB (villain in Hand 2 and 3 above) bets $25, fold to me, I call, Loose passive SB calls.

Turn: ($108 - 3 players) T xx $100, only SB Calls.

River: ($308 - 2 players) - 8 :s: x, I bet ??


  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 329Subscriber
    Thank for posting more hands! My thoughts:

    Hand 1: Are these guys nitty (won't continue unless they have a strong made hand or draw)? We block the best draw, so could possibly thin the field or take it down with a flop bet. Given that you said this game isn't playing check-raise-y, then I fire this flop and continue the Stiff Ace story if the flush hits the turn.

    Hand 2: Gross. But his range of hands he's firing the turn there are pretty thin, unless he's just bad. You turn a straight, and so do many other hands that have a live 7 in them. We obviously are dead vs hands like 9755 and the like, but I don't know why a set or two pair with an 8 in it leads that turn, unless they have a straight themselves. Also, we beat KQ87ddxx and other similar hands so I click call on the river here.

    Hand 3: Don't limp this hand. Either take the initiative or fold it pre. Also, if this is a "BS raise" like you say (we are likely removing most AAxx and KKxx hands), then you flop very strong vs the main V's range. I think the turn 7 isn't very consequential, I'd bet again, maybe half pot to see if he decides to come along. You picked up the best backdoor draw, so this is a way ahead or way behind situation for you. As played, I do not fear the 4 OTR, that's about as big of a blank as you can see in PLO. So in the scenario where you bet and got called on the turn, then I would go for thin value on the river and hope AQxx looks you up. As played I bet the river as well.

    Hand 4: Yep, bet the river. Best straight draws OTF do not hit the 8 there so I'm assuming you're going to value bet and get a ton of folds, and occasionally get looked up by a rivered two pair.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    edited July 2019
    @TerpHimself. Thanks for replying again. My questions are a bit more nuanced. Sorry, I should have been more specific. In Hands 1 and 4 yes I'm betting, but precisely how much should you bet?

    For Hand 3, I just watched your video series and that is almost the exact same hand where you mention "AK93 single suit to A" vs "A864 single suit to ace" in "Pre-Flop Discipline" lol.
  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 329Subscriber
    No worries @Garland here are my thoughts on the amounts:

    Hand 1 - I'd go with $175 to give yourself a good price on your bluff while still making the bet large enough to look like a value bet

    Hand 4 - I don't want to go too big here b/c his calling range is not strong so I downsize the bet to $150 or $200 depending on what I know about the player and how much pain tolerance he has with calling a bet with a medium strength hand on the river.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    edited July 2019
    Is Hand 1 a bluff? Do you realize I have AA?

    Hand 1: I am betting mostly for equity protection ready to release if someone goes over the top. I bet $150 and everyone folded.

    Hand 2: I called and got shown a naked 44xx. Gross indeed.

    Hand 3: Yeah, probably dumping this pre or raising is best. Wasn't sure I was going to get value on both turn and river against AQxx type hand. I bet $100 on river and he folded. Given this result, doubtful he was even calling turn to 1/2 pot bet.

    Hand 4: Glad to know calling the flop is fairly optimal given dry nature of the board. I bet $100 to cast a wider net of 2 pair to cry call. SB tanks for a minute and finally calls with what had to be a fairly weak 2 pair. Fairly happy with the sizing given his tank, but wanted to see if I could get a little more. $200 would have certainly induced a fold, but maybe $150 I could still get a call.
    Thanked by 1Phishman
  • ChaseChase Posts: 182Subscriber
    edited July 2019
    Hand 2:
    I would fold pre.
    A Q 9 8 seems OK to limp, but your hand seems a little too weak, even with a guy on tilt already limped in. AdQd6h7h is low in both "nuttiness" and flopability. It has 1/6 combo that can make broadway, and 1/6 combo that can make the nut flush, so that's not a lot of nuttiness. A6o and A7o combos are almost worthless. Same for Q6o Q7o.

    Since the pot is so multiway the flop is clearly a check.

    I like raising the turn against this particular player. Some opponents I would just call, but not this guy. If he is actually on tilt and "playing badly" you shouldn't just give him credit for a big hand in that spot. Raising this guy is very effective at making the pot bigger in case we win (he is going to often call with worse and also when we are freerolling), and is also very effective at denying him a "cheap" opportunity to realize his equity.

  • Stovall13@hotmail.com[email protected] Posts: 798Subscriber
    Hand 3 - on the turn, you basically only fear A7xx. His pre-flop raise size combined with his flat call on the flop and your blockers means it is very unlikely that he flopped a set. I would expect his range to have a lot of Broadway straight draws with pairs. So, I like betting about half pot here to deny equity.

    As played on the river, you can either bet to try to get looked up or check and hope he bluffs at it. I think I prefer to lead about $100 and hope that it looks bluffy to a naked ace.
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