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$2/$5 Turning Hand Into Bluff (Flop and Turn Decision?)

ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
Villain 1, loose preflop, unorthodox postflop. Can bluff but without any rhyme or reason. Will over-value his moderate strength hands with both his calls and his value bets. Will donk with weak top pair. Very nice guy.

Villain 2 local "pro" with some serious leaks in his game preflop. But he's willing to be aggressive when he senses weakness and is not afraid to call down what he thinks are bluffs with A-high type hands. Will call 3bets wide but only 3bet himself TT+ and AK, sometimes AQs.

V2 sees Hero as competent and capable of bluffing and/or calling big bets (I have called him down light multiple times in the past in big pots).

V2 ($1,600, utg) calls. 2 calls. Hero ($1,300, HJ) raises to $40 with K K. V1 ($2k+, sb) calls. V2 calls.

Pot $128. Flop A Q :s: J. V1 leads $40. V2 calls. Hero raises to $165. V1 tanks, then calls. V2 tanks, then calls.

Pot $623. Turn 7. V1 leads for a $100 stack immediately. V2 tank calls again.

V2 is not faking. His hand is moderate.

Does Hero call for a cheap river? Does Hero try to blow two players off with a good sized raise with the nut blocker?


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 529Subscriber
    Pre-Flop: Fine.

    Flop: Overplayed. Way ahead, way behind. Just realize your equity and take the gutshot w/ 2nd pair & back door flush draw/set draw. Let's play some turn cards. You're in position and can evaluate the turn & bet sizing and reserve the right to bluff on a later street.

    Turn: As played just call turn and realize your equity. You have the nut card, so V1 can't be bluffing. If you just called the flop like I suggested, now you can put the fear of god into them and raise it up big.
    Thanked by 1CycleV
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 606Subscriber
    My 2 cents...I agree flop is just a call. You’re definitely behind and there are lots of 2P and combo draws that aren’t going anywhere.

    Vs continue to donk and call turn despite your aggressive raise on flop, indicating real strength, which now includes a possible made flush. Luckily you picked up some good nut FD equity and have an opportunity to see the river for only $100 to win over $800 pot + implied odds. Take the way underpriced card being offered to you. “You’re being offered too good a deal to try and steal.” IMHO
    Thanked by 2CycleV neutron212
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Ditto, nothing to add from me
  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    I think I just got some television in my brain and decided they were both weak, that I had blockers to the nuts, and a draw.

    Ever been so locked-in in a session they might as well turn their cards over? I bet that's when I make the most mistakes. I don't want to not examine instances relative to its outcome. Thanks for the feedback.
    Hero raises to $375. V1 mucks. V2 mucks. V1 says he had A6. V2 says he had KQ.
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 606Subscriber
    Not much use analyzing hands vs V1. Normal ranges and good play obviously don’t apply.
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