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$1/$2 AA OOP on wet connected board

Getting back into playing live after time off for surgery. Manage to chip up to $580 at this point. Have a TAG image for anyone who don't know me at the table.
V1 is an older man is at about $700. He sucked out with KK vs AA a couple of hands prior to this to double up. He has shown to be loose or over aggressive with 1 pair at times.
V2 is 30ish white male. Loose call station. If he finds a pair or draw he tends to ride it to the river. He has about $400 in this hand.

V1 is in the HJ and limps, V2 is on the button and calls, SB completes, hero has A A and raises to $15. V1 & V2 call, SB folds.

Flop ($41) - K J :s: T
Hero check. V1 bets $30, V2 calls, Hero calls.

Turn ($130) - 8 K J :s: T
Hero check. V1 bets $30, V2 calls, Hero calls.

River ($220) - 8 8 K J :s: T



  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Posts: 134Subscriber
    Based on the action, you are very likely to have the best hand. AQ, KK, JJ, TT should have all raised preflop, and I would expect someone with Q9 to bet more or raise somewhere along the way. You might occasionally run into a full house of K8, J8, or T8 but that's what the bet-fold is for.

    So what are we going to target? The fact that the turn size was the same as the flop leads me to believe V1 is not that strong. I would really expect a player with 2 pr+ to bet more on such a wet board. I would also expect V2 to raise his strong hands for protection vs. such a weak bet and with you still to act behind. I don't expect to get much river value from QJ, QT, or busted diamonds, so we're really going after a K.

    The sizing is a little dependent on what kind of old man V1 is, but I like a bet of $100-$125. This sizing should be able to get a call from KX, and the line may look like you bricked on diamonds and are trying to buy it.
  • bubba316999bubba316999 Posts: 28Member
    jojacks wrote: »
    The sizing is a little dependent on what kind of old man V1 is...

    V1 is not an OMC. I did see him open big hands pre flop and bet over pairs on the flop though out the session.

    V2 is willing to trap with weaker starting hands that turn into monsters. He flopped Broadway with JT earlier and just over called two players on the two tone board. As usual when this happens the flush completing J came in on the turn. Lucky for him when he bet the turn the other two players folded and he showed. Was doing similar with flopped two pair. His MO is to just call flop bets, low frequency of turn raises, then he'd raise on the river if he was nutted.

  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Posts: 134Subscriber
    V2 would still likely raise the button with AQ, KK, JJ, and TT, right? But maybe he still has Q9, KJ, KT, and JT? I don’t think that changes a lot in terms of what we’re trying to accomplish.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Why not bet the flop? We unblock Kx, and any Qx hand and any FD is going to call you. I'd much rather check/call with something like KQ that blocks a lot of the hands we want them to have.

    Given the way this hand went down, it kinds feels like you're bluff-catching, so no reason to stop now. Given the check/call, check/call line to this point, check/call again. I can't imagine a hand like KJ is going to slow down on this river.
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