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Squeeze Spot Monster Stack

worldbofreeworldbofree Posts: 10Subscriber, Professional
edited June 2019 in Tournament Discussion
Last level of day 1. I have around 144k (90bbs.) 800-1600k w 1600ante.

UTG +3 opens to 3500. He is a Euro, and has opened 2/3 times each of the last two orbits, and has around 28K (18bbs.) No reads as he just got to the table. LJ (straight forward TAG) calls w (40bbs), CO new to the table, calls (covers) BTN calls (loose-ish bad reg, covers) I have 7 7 :s: in the SB. What's the play here?

I decide to squeeze thinking its a good spot because the original raiser has been seemingly opening wide trying to make something happen with his short stack at the end of the day. I made it quite large, around 17K, essentially committing him. My thoughts are, with all the dead money in the pot, if I take it down pre, great. If I don't, I should still be doing fine w 77 against his get it in range. (I'm afraid this in incorrect?) 77 has about 35% equity against 88+ AQ+ and AJs+



  • SlivererSliverer Posts: 8Subscriber
    I like your play! If +3 would open and there was no call, this is definately a profitable rejam (if BB had the same stack size), now you have three guys who called who could have some hands like medium pairs or AQ which they might continue but most of the time they'll fold. And even if they have strong hands, the fact that you're comitting yourself against +3 is pretty strong, you should never do this with hands like 76s AND it's the end of the day, people are tired, they want to bag etc, so they might even fold some stong holdings.

    What I don't like is your sizing though which is probably unintentional because you thought, it is large. It's actually really small when you consider a 3.5-3.7x 3b oop and having 3 callers. If he was a little bit deeper, it could be important to choose a sizing which opens the action back again for him, so you don't face awkward spots when somebody decides to call because of that. But him being so short, I would make it somewhere around 6.5x, so 23kish.
  • squishmytomatosquishmytomato Posts: 352Subscriber, Professional
    this is a pretty nuanced spot.

    our squeezing range is going to be more linear than our open 3! range, but the multitude of stack sizes makes this tricky.

    at 30bb eff, we're squeezing 88+ from the SB to an EP open/CU flat (i don't have optimal solutions for 3+ way spots).
    at 20bb eff, we're shoving 77+ from the SB to an EP open.

    it seems like a hand that's right on the cusp, i think you can go either way. sizing, i have no idea. someone smarter than me can maybe chime in on this one.
  • worldbofreeworldbofree Posts: 10Subscriber, Professional
    At the time, I thought the sizing was on the large size, considering stack sizes
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