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Playing Junk in a Limped Pot out of the blinds.

I recently asked Bart this question in an email and thought I'd put it on this forum where people can comment. Many times in a limped pot we end up in tough spots playing a hand we normally wouldn't because we're in the blinds. Here's my question. Please answer Bart and others feel free to comment as well:

How do you handle top pr bad kicker with several people in a limped pot in the blinds 1. With a dry board 2. With a wet board. I had tonight j6o on a j 7 2 dry board. I could’ve checked. The guy on the btn limped in w qj. I bet he called. I know now I’m not good. If I chk and he bets and I call and everyone else folds, now what? He could be just trying to steal last to act and if I chk again and he bets again, well if hes capable of double barreling its tough. I could call again than fold to a river bet but its cheap to just bet the flop vs chk calling twice. Now on a wet boardI can get called by draws and should charge the draws on protect but it sucks with top pr lousy kicker. What do you do in that case?


  • More often than not when my top pair is vulnerable to free overcards coming I will bet fold for value/equity protection. Its not really a big deal in the example that you gave to just check fold the turn if you know the guy has you beat. Most people arent floating you with nothing in a limped pot. And since most people dont raise the flop with air we dont have to worry about getting moved off of the best hand. Boards I sometimes check top pair OOB are weak aces and weak kings on super dry boards.
  • nubbbbbynubbbbby Posts: 5Member
    You need to become comfortable with bet/folding or check/folding these shit pairs. I am more likely to bet/fold multiple streets on wetboards out of the blinds. If the board is dry I will bet out but if I am call I can easily give up and go onto the next hand. It's just one hand.....one hand you didn't want to play in the first place. There's no reason to get caught up in the heat of the moment. Just remember.......A new hand will come soon enough......it's got to be better than J60. You don't lose points for giving up......or lost bets......you lost a minimum amount to learn your behind.......this way you don't lose more.
  • WillWayWillWay Posts: 35Member
    Were you in the BB Dan? Hopefully so, since the reverse implied odds of hitting top pair in a limped pot with J6o in the SB requiring a completion of bet is always a negative. There is simply no value in this hand in multiway action, no matter how much the pot is laying. In the BB, it would still be beneficial to check since your kicker was so very weak, and maybe allow yourself a free card on the turn to pr. the 6 (I wouldn't even want to see the J hit the turn in a multiway; the reverse implied could get nasty being dominated). I catch myself tempted even with A2s in these spots at times, but its just bad for business!
  • Willway,

    Have to disagree. Because you only get two cards in Holdem most of the time people miss the flop. For example on a Js 8s 2c flop your J6os still fairs to be the best hand against muliway action in a limped pot. Thats why for the most part you should bet fold it.

  • I think it's definitely a leak to check top pair in limped pots out of the blinds. Even on rainbow boards you can sometimes get called by worse. If your top pair fairly weak like a 9 or a T then there are inherently over cards that can come on the turn, also. So often I just lead in these spots and either take the pot immediately or someone calls and I just re-evaluate from there.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I would bet until you get lots of action, a raise especially on the turn. I have greatly improved my win rate by betting tp in these spots since sSOOOO many players will call you with second or bottom pair. they could also have a gutshot or even an Ace.. I won a nice pot a week or two ago when a player floated with nothing but a backdoor flush draw. On turn after flop bettor and I checked he goes all in with just flush draw.. I call with second pair and flop bettor folds tp .. I won almost 200 pot..

  • WillWayWillWay Posts: 35Member
    I have been a nit for sure, so I will be leading out more often as opposed to checking with top pair in a multiway. Think I was gunshy after several attempts backfired, in dominated situations. Bet/folds are definitely in order if raised on the turn. Thanks Wendy and Bart!
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