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Best cash games during series?

FiGManFiGMan Posts: 7Subscriber
So I'm heading out to Vegas on Thursday and plan on playing the Monster Stack but that's probably about it as far as tournaments. More looking forward to some nice cash games the rest of the trip.

I haven't been to Vegas in years so very limited experience with the rooms there. I grind mostly 1/2-1/3 NL and some occasional 2/5 NL here in Florida. Games are very good here IMO but would think during WSOP I'd find even better if in the right place. Given these stakes any recommendations on what may be best? I did notice on Bravo Golden Nugget runs a 1/2 uncapped game. Seems like a number of tables have been running too. Anyone have experience there or any other rooms they'd recommend I check out.



  • JamesSuhJamesSuh Posts: 320Subscriber
    This was a question I used to have all the time before my Vegas trips. The answer is, "it depends". My favourite spots are the Ventian, Wynn, PH, Nugget, Orleans if you like a rustic feel. Rooms I dislike are Bellagio and the Aria.

    Honestly, at any given time, at any given casino during the series, a game can go from being super shit, filled with regs, etc. to an awesome game when those seats get filled by drunk whales looking to spew off. I would even check out some smaller rooms like Flamingo, Linq (If they still run) and places like that. Even though they're for smaller stakes, these games aren't reg-heavy because they aren't baller rooms but they too can be super easy games.
  • FiGManFiGMan Posts: 7Subscriber
    Thanks for the reply. I'm actually staying at Planet Hollywood so I'll definitely be checking that room out. Obviously no "perfect" room as game conditions constantly change as you mentioned. You mentioned Golden Nugget as one on your list. Was that in the 1/2 uncapped by chance? I'd imagine it could get pretty wild at times and playing super deep from the start would be awesome.
  • hustlinhustlin Posts: 362Subscriber
    though i dont have much experience at the 1/2 level. I would imagine 1/2 at PH would be really soft compared to other casinos. I would also give ventian a shot, nice room with lots of tourists. I would imagine all 1/2 would be pretty damn good during the series. Maybe not as good as Florida but should still be good enough to keep you happy
  • PBJTIMEPBJTIME Posts: 345Subscriber
    Ask @RobFarha
  • ChaseChase Posts: 182Subscriber
    edited June 2019
    TLDR: Wynn for 1/3, anywhere for 2/5

    JamesSuh made the key point: there really isn't one or two rooms that are significantly better than the others. Good and not-so-good games can be found everywhere during the series. The particular room you go to isn't going to matter much.

    For what it's worth:

    The worst players I've seen tend to be found in the Rio room. The small room by the sportsbook. Seems to be slightly more very-inexperienced players here than anywhere else. Plenty of regs too of course.

    PH: Games can sometimes be very loose and splashy but it's one of my least favorite places to play because they just put a bunch of poker tables in the middle of the casino pit, so it's a very noisy and distracting place to play.

    Vene: Don't play 1/3 here. The players are horrible, but the stacks are very short and there are many nit-regs grinding for comp hours/BBJP. The game is very beatable, but unlikely for more than about $15/hr cuz the stacks are so short and the rake is high.

    As far as 2/5 at Vene, sometimes very reg heavy, but usually not tough regs. Seems to always be at least a few recs at the table. Same goes for 2/5 at most other rooms, Bellagio, Caesars, etc.

    Wynn 2/5 is different. The avg effective stack is much higher. There are many regs. Although the games usually aren't great, this is an exceptionally nice room (probably the nicest room I've ever played in), so it's worth checking out. The 1/3 can be very good and it's got a $500 cap.
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