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Payment by Credit Card In-Person i.e. Live at the Cage for 2019 WSOP Events

DaveSDaveS Posts: 1Subscriber
"NEW for 2019: In addition to cash, casino chips and cashier's check as methods of payment, in-person event registration can now be made using credit or debit card thanks to the use of the all-new CasinoPay® payment system powered by Bravo®. Simply use your credit/debit card at the cage windows for the most convenient way to enter the WSOP action (card processing fees apply)."

Has anyone actually done this?

Is it as "simple" as it sounds?
Do I just show up with a card and ID?
Is a Bravo Poker login required?
Lastly, what about being a non-USA resident?

I get the 2.95% fees and that some cards may charge interest...




  • MattyBMattyB Posts: 67Subscriber
    I did it and yes, it is that simple. Very convenient and easy for those of us here for a short time and don’t have accounts, player boxes, etc.

    Believe it was 3% + $3 for charges.
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