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Flopped top set in 3-bet pot. How do you play it?

$2/5 NLHE, Underground game, fairly recreational with players that think they take the game more seriously than they do. I don't believe any do real studying outside of the game. ~$1100 effective.

Hero has been winning and picks up jacks in middle position. Hero raises to $20. One caller in position. Another villain in one of the blinds, I think big blind raises to $85. Hero elects to call. Should hero 4-bet? Thought crossed my mind but I do have position on 3 bettor w/ stack depth. Caller folds.

Flop: Pot ~ $190 heads up. J, 9, 8 r. Villain checks. Hero bets $110. Villain calls. Thoughts?

My thinking here is to build a pot against villain if he has anything he likes or wants to get sticky with. Villain isn't generally very aggressive post flop. Does cbet a fair amount, but 3 bet pots aren't very common. My range for villain (once he calls) is pretty standard at this point. A lot of AK, maybe some over pairs, possibly some 2 pair suited hands or pair +SD.

Turn: Pot ~$410 o/s 6, villain checks. Should I be thinking about how to get stacks in at this point? Hero bets $220. Villain c/r to $530. Thoughts?

I was not expecting this. This appears awfully strong. I now narrow his range down to some slow played sets and some strong 2 pairs, as well as the possible flopped straight. Realistically (& villain may not be thinking on this level), if he did flop the straight, it should only be suited combos of Q-10, of which there are only four and there aren't really any draws that should be concerning. So I do think this polarizes his range towards the strongest holdings. How should hero proceed since we are also at the top of our range?

Is this a tough spot? I would love Bart and Tuck to weigh in on this hand.


  • LatvianMissileLatvianMissile Posts: 294Subscriber
    4-bet with JJ is V dependent for me. If he's aggressive then I like the 4-bet, especially with the caller behind. If he's tight, I'd just call it. 4-bet will make sure the caller behind isn't priced in.
    I like to down bet flops when I'm the 3-bettor (and I know you're not in this situation). As the caller with top pair, 110 is fine, but I'd bet 75 which is about 1/4th pot. Villians tend to see this as weak and when I'm the 3-bettor, I'm going to be stronger plus bluffs get a very cheap price.
    Turn just jam over the c/r. It's only around 400 more in a ~1400 pot so V isn't folding. If he has Q10, you'll still win a little over 20% of the time and if he has a set or overpair then you're way ahead.
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Definitely shipping it ott.

    I know downbetting is the sexy move these days, so maybe I'm just old, but I still prefer to size my flop bets based on the texture of the board. That's how we get max value with a hand. He can have TT-88, the one remaining AJs, he can also have AA-QQ. none of those hands are folding to $135 or 140. Ditto if he has a wide 3! range like JTs, 98s-76s. On the other hand, AK is folding a lot no matter what, AQ or KQs depends on too many factors.
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