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$150 Buy Local Tourney-1st tourney in LONG time

Latrell1515Latrell1515 Posts: 237Subscriber
Hero used to play mostly tournies before he discovered CLP..and was able to get to playing $2-$5 consistently before he took some time off. So decided to enter this local tournament. I have never witnessed such horrible play and , I dont understand it at all. Has noone done any studying improving at all? My hand..Hero had around $25,000 and had been at same table for around 3 hours and only played a few hands, pretty card dead and only a couple went to SD so should have tight image. Blinds were $200-$500 with a BB ante of $500..Limp UTG $20,000 and Hero in MP 1 raises to $2000 with A K :s: BTN $30,000 calls and now UTG shoves all in, Hero goes all in and Btn thinks about it and calls. UTG shows A J and the BTN shows J 9 . I lose to a straight to both on river. I make any mistakes here?


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