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1/3NL Turned set faces minclick and check on river.

fi$hfi$h Posts: 35Subscriber
1/3 game. Game started out slow but a few spots got into some big pots and now the game is playing pretty deep since the game is 75% match. There is a fair amount of straddling going on.

Hero's image is that of a solid player. I have history with nearly every player at the game. I'm known to show down winners and bluffs, this session i started out card dead and was sitting quietly but have gotten a litter more active as the game has grown and picked up a few hands.

Hands begins with V1(700$) limping 3$ UTG, V2(1400$) limps behind and V3(1000$) limps and it comes to me in HJ with 7 7 :s: . I make it 20$, my stack is about 1600$.

All three villains call.

V1(main villain) is a typical limp call passive rec player, tends to buy in smaller stacks and never reloads deep. Also seems to be playing his sorter stacks as all ins on flops and turns but has won a few pots so is sitting on a deeper stack at this point.

V2 is a Lag rec, plays too many hands but is capable of bluffs and is more than able to push the pressure on.

V3 is a looser passive rec, too many hands and always "on a draw" type of guy.

Anyways the flop is 80$ and comes Q 9 5 . All villains check to me and i check back. I see no point in betting here.

Turn (80$) falls the 7 . This time V1 leads out 35$. V2 calls and V3 folds.
I raise to 150$ Two villains show interest in this pot and I stand to have the best hand most of the time.

Surprisingly V1 pushes out basically a min raise of 270$ V2 folds and back on me. I haven't seen too many min clicks from V1, he is normally raising to at least 3x, so this action is a bit confusing and out of character for him. Alarm bells start going off for him having the nut straight here often. He has about 400$ behind this bet. I decide to just flat here. With the small raise I am getting a great price to draw to a boat if does hold a straight. I beat 55 and weird two pairs. I felt a raise or jam would get called by better and while charging any draws he might have, I just dont see this min raise a draw. I call the bet and plan to evaluate river. What is best here? Flat or jam?

River comes a brick 3 and the pot is around 655$
V1 checks! Im thinking OK i stand the have the best hand here often and want to value bet. Pot is 655$ and he has around 400$ left behind. What sizing do we choose here?


  • JLBJJLBJ Posts: 172Subscriber
    Jam. If he minraised turn then checked the river with 99 or 86, he just gets to take your money.
    Thanked by 1CycleV
  • Latrell1515Latrell1515 Posts: 237Subscriber
    Possibly a Q X type hand and wants to just get to SD with his hand since he just has Top Pair now.I agree with above not much else to do but Jam..
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    I’m jamming turn as played VAlue Bet here
  • revisionisthistoryrevisionisthistory Posts: 14Subscriber
    Do a nit check. :kiss: lol

    Seriously though, all in is fine unless you think he will fold out worse to that sizing. Since you know these players well I would take those tendencies into account for the river bet. This is a spot where you want to get called so if villain is way more likely to call 300 that leaves him with a little bit on the table relative to an all in, make that bet.
  • fi$hfi$h Posts: 35Subscriber
    Thanks for the input. As played I ended up going pretty small at 175$. He snapped called and mucked claiming 2 pairs. I was instantly left wondering how much more I left on the table here. I have table time with this villain and am pretty confident he views me as a solid player. It looks he would have called more, not entirely sure on the Jam sizing getting called but thats why I posted.
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