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AA with fd

Im utg 8 handed with AA45 raise to 50n ,3 callers.
Flop.is Q83hh , i got nfd.
2 check i check, btn bets 125 i call
Turn 8x i check he bets 300 i call
River 2x i check he.bets 1100

How did i play every street?


  • Stovall13@hotmail.com[email protected] Posts: 798Subscriber
    edited May 2019
    I’d bet the flop here, around 100-125. That flop doesn’t figure to hit a lot of ranges very hard so you may take it down right away. If called, a lot of turn cards are good for you: aces, flush cards, and any card 6 or below. If raised, you can call and continue or just GII depending on the raisers stack size.

    As played, the 8 OTT is not a good card and a tough spot. Do we have any reads on the opponent? What is the stack size?
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  • davidbardavidbar Posts: 57Subscriber
    his 1100 is allin
    i dont have a lot of reads but seems like he not eager bluff me that much,he is a losing player overall btw
  • Stovall13@hotmail.com[email protected] Posts: 798Subscriber
    edited May 2019
    He takes this line to the river with all QQ, Q8, 33, and 83xx where the xx is a SD or FD. If he has Top pair with a SD and/or FD I feel like he’d take a showdown since he can beat missed draws. So, the only bluffs he can have on the river are JT9x, gut shot+FD hands, and maybe k-high FD hands. That is a fairly narrow bluff range. I’d consider folding the turn and definitely folding the river.
  • davidbardavidbar Posts: 57Subscriber
    Thank u sir.
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