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caught in middle

1/2 game 600 effective high jack raises to 15 small blind calls and big blind calls we have 7s/7c. flop 9/4/4 suits not important in this hand checks around , turn 5 s small blind leads out for 504 i fold cut off calls. river 9 and small bets 150$ and cut off tank calls small blind shows 6/6 and is good. Is my fold correct since we are stuck in middle


  • Latrell1515Latrell1515 Posts: 237Subscriber
    Can you edit and tell us what the SB bet was..it says '504'?
  • JKHJKH Posts: 837Subscriber
    edited May 2019
    I assume turn sizing is $50 , so the fold is close and a snug play but fine. It could go either way. The river would be a tough call and spot as it sounds like the bettor is button clicking. I would make note that this player likes to bet middling value out of position forcing u to call more with reasonable hands like top pair weak kicker for decent sized bets. I think the 66 bet on the turn and river at this stake is a likely sign the player is a beginner / recreational player. There is a small he chance is good and value betting but I would take the against to that most times at 1-2.
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Welcome to the forum. Fold was fine, you were almost always going to have to make another call on the river so folding turn is normal. It helps if you give us reads, like SB is an old white guy or hasn't played a hand in an hour or a drunk kid with a $3K watch, stuff like that. Also, please look at some other posts so you can format your hand better. It will help us help you.
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