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Short-handed BigO hand

Private home game, so everyone knows each other well. Late in the night, we're four handed. Villain is solid player and while he can be tricky in plo, he's fairly straightforward in BO. He has $1100-ish and I cover. 1-2 blinds with $5 bring in.

UTG had straddled for $5. I open for $15 with Ad2h4d9d9s otb. Villain in SB makes it 50. BB folds, straddler calls and I call. Flop 3d5dTc. Villain leads $150. Straddler folds.

I? Do you prefer a call or raise here?

Obviously if you raise and Villain shoves, you don't fold. But if you flat and the turn is a brick (Qc for example) and Villain pots, do you call again?


  • eyehaityoueyehaityou Posts: 294Member
    edited May 2019
    I'm calling unless my plan is to get all the money in and run it twice.

    There's still room to see a turn and evaluate. os T, J, Q, K are complete bricks, os 7 or 8 can put you in a spot to get quartered. Your not loving a 3 or a 5 either. That's alot of cards we can evaluate what villian does.

    I think we can let it go on the turn facing heavy action on os big cards or a board pair. Im probably flating his bet on a os 7,8. 9,6,wheel card, or diamond I am obviously trying to get the money in.

  • MSKMSK Posts: 53Subscriber
    I'd never raise this and don't like the call to his 3b pre either. unless you hit a 9 and 2 low cards or low diamond cards, you will be in a bit of a tough spot. as played, I agree with other poster
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,108Administrator, LeadPro
    edited June 2019
    @headhunter Im not sure if the previous posters know this is high low or what. @msk Its big O you arent calling preflop with A4299 with the nut suit on the button?

    Anyways you could probably just get it in here on the flop as in a worst case scenario you are like 48/52 to set and the nut low draw (worse case scenario) You are a 57/43 favorite against AA2 which is usually what people show up with here given this action. But you are never ever folding this hand no matter what the turn brings. How can you fold? You have the nut flush draw uncounterfeitable wrap @chilidog --Bart
  • eyehaityoueyehaityou Posts: 294Member
    @bart Your never folding this wheel wrap/NFD on any turn? Then there's no reason not to just get it in on the flop as played.
    I like to play across some turns usually. The 99 is actually detrimental to our hand here. Any random A2Txx has us in a bad spot
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,108Administrator, LeadPro
    @eyehaityou OP's hand is 61% against a random A2T.
  • eyehaityoueyehaityou Posts: 294Member
    @bart you are right. Even with some favorable turn cards for villian, hero has more equity than I thought. Given your example even a turn J doesn't reduce hero equity that much, a card that would normally slow me down with heros hand
  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Posts: 2Subscriber
    Thanks for the comments. Since I'm new here, I'm not sure if you're supposed to follow-up with what happened (do we care about results, or correct decisions), but I thought I would close the loop. Turn was offsuit J for complete brick. Villain potted, I called. River was Kd that gave me the nuts. He checked, I bet and he folded. He had A2TTx for my absolute worst case scenario. In retrospect, I think getting it in is better.
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